Toronto @ Hamilton

It sounds like Collaros is back. Will he be enough to push the Cats over the Argos? I hope not. I picked Toronto. :lol:

Been looking forward to this for a long time.


Didn't think it was fair that Bob Young was hit with the "tax payer" question by Brian Williams. Poor Bob Young. As I have said many times before, I wonder how often he looks in the mirror and thinks, "God help me but I wish I had never bought this team."


Did that hit the post and go in? What's with all the post hits? :lol:

I thought it was wide

I'm starting to think the league reduced the width of the posts and didn't tell the kickers. :lol:

Dude should've just taken a knee. He wasn't getting anything.

That was a great throw and catch. The Cats came out to play.

Why are the fans pelting the field with foam footballs? It's only gonna hurt their team. :expressionless:

Grant gave the 1st TD ball to Bob Young... awesome and classy!!!!

That was stupid!

Nice to see , Bob get the first TD ball! He deserves it more than anybody !
Not sure what the fans were doing throwing the balls back on the field . That a dummy move !

Silly question... How old is Mr. Young?

Agreed. :thup:

If not for Waters, this would probably be a blowout for Hamilton.

We'll see how Waters fares, against the wind.. guaranteed he isn't as successful

β€œIt was beautifully batted down. The bad news is it was the receiver.” :lol: I hope Toronto shows up soon.

Doing pretty well, considering the wind.

Jesus. That was a perfect throw to Madu. I'm getting so tired of stupid drops. Learn to catch or get the hell off the field. :roll:

so, what do you want Jesus to do about it??? :slight_smile: