Toronto @ Hamilton 2023 PBP Thread

This is now Powell’s game, but we don’t know how long the leash is.
The O-line better have a good game, because I predict a LOT of different blitz packages from TOR that can also disguise zone coverage to completely bamboozle him.

The D-Line simply HAS to limit the 1-2 RB punch of Toronto, never mind the running ability of Kelly.

I find the insertion of Adeleke at DHB as a “starter” intriguing. Makes me wonder if he’s there for one play, and then is “replaced” by the naturalized American (or whatever they are called) and moves back to Safety. That being said, he’s probably a better DHB than who we had before, but if either he or Kats gets injured…

My personal opinion is that everything has to be executed perfectly, with all the bounces going our way in order to defeat what is, frankly, the best team in the League. It DOES have the makings of a “trap game” for Toronto, if they come in here too cocky and overconfident.

Toronto has a superior passing and running game. This is going to be a challenging evening in the Hammer.

But we like playing in the role of underdogs.

I can’t think of a time when we were more of an underdog against the Argos than tonight.

Go Cats!

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Last labour day, we were more of an underdog imo.

I thought about that…and it was later in the season, but the Argos were not undefeated, and reining GC champions last labour day. We also weren’t on our third string QB who has never started a professional game before.

We started Newman didnt we? (Thats why i compared the 2)

Adeleke will be playing the whole game at DB unless there are injuries during the game. With DT Jarrod Hewitt now not dressing, the 'Cats are playing one import short since Global Chris Mulumba is taking his spot. It’s got to be the first time a CFL team has decided to dress three Global players for one game.

Yes we started Newman and then inexplicitly benched him for no apparent reason and threw Jalen Morton out there to relief him . I still remember turning and saying to my son at the game …“Why the eff is Morton out there for ?”


That is true. For some reason in my head I feel like Newman had a bit more experience coming into that game than Powell.

But your point absolutely stands.

(and while I didn’t attend the game, i’ve never actually attended a labour day classic - annual fishing trip - I recall Banks made us look dumb, and we lost).

our fishing trip in September is not happening this year (first time in 22 years). I will be attending the labour day classic as a result. We’ll see if that brings good luck or not.

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On the topic of betting - Vegas missed that one. Hamilton was inexplicably favoured by 1 point. Easy money

Edit: Last year was more about toronto being ok, and us being decimated. This year they miles ahead of us (to your point).

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Might be an ugly game tonight but that’s ok. Beer soothes the pain. :beers:

Fifteen minutes or so to go…

So, according to Butler, Powell’s nickname is TP.

Let’s hope he doesn’t play like poop… lol

He’ll wipe up the field with the Argos

I just don’t want to see him training behing them while stuck to their cleats…

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Kenny G got beat again…

wakey wakey D

Terrible tackling


Yikes, TD Argos.

What were the penalties for?

Stupid penalties gave TOR extra chances, even if they were unneeded…