Toronto Grey Cup Celebration Turnout

It was nice to see the turnout for Toronto's Grey Cup celebration. I watched Pinball's speech this morning.. the guy is just gives off such positive vibes and no doubt would be somebody that you would want to work for.

I'm really hoping Toronto can keep this momentum going into next season and build a strong fan base.


Any estimate given on crowd size it looked well attended .


Excellent production quality for the GC recap.. was an instant classic with the right guys winning in the end


On a related note. I went to one store today for Black Friday and two people commented about my Argos toque and how they won. This has never happened before.

There possibly are ripe conditions to grow the base.

Perhaps we have more engaging personalities this time 'round with Pinball, MBT (even Kelly) and especially Muamba than we did in 2017.

Whether it was because I saw Rivalries and his part in it or just that he wears his heart on a sleeve, Muamba has been the key.


Can't really compare 2017 to 2022 because the CFL has stepped up the digital content in a big way. As you acknowledged "Rivalries" has endeared the team to thousands of people. (I dare not say millions because I haven't seen the ratings). There are characters on every team but you didn't see it in 2017 because of the lack of effort.

It also helps that Muamba co-hosted "The Waggle" all season long.

The issue going forward will be possible Muamba and MBT retirement. Hopefully the Toronto GM steals as many free agents from Calgary as possible in the off-season.


One thing I noticed with the mic'd up episode was how chill Muamba is out there.. he just seems like a good dude overall.

Compare that with Jefferson where every second word out of his mouth was a swear and just the smugness of the Bombers overall.. makes you appreciate them being humbled


If we are able to look back in five years, and say that that win was the spark that started the resurgence of the Toronto Fanbase, I wholly agree the right team one. (the better team that day also won) MLSE has a golden opportunity to grow the Argo brand. Up to them to take it.

(Really hope the schedule has a Toronto and Winnipeg playing at least 2 games against each other this year, instead of one time early :roll_eyes:)


Here’s hoping this Grey Cup loss was a wake up call to a team that gotten complacent! Excited to see what happens next year!

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The entire CFL wants hog town to be hog town again.(Most of us want to hate the Argos again...story line is just a bit better with a villan)

BC, with a single owner is resurrecting fans; why can't MLSE with its large resources tap into this momentum. Usually Argo ownership screws it up. Examples are endless over the years)

Toronto sports fans have to be looking for a winner...beating on a dead horse known as Leafs & Blue Jays have to be frusterating.
Raptors & TFC aren't going anywhere soon...but have more potential.

I would start with getting Nathan Rourke and Lions coming into town followed up by Zach's Bombers to keep momentum going. Of course the Argos have to show up and not disappear for another 5 years.


I'd go the other direction. In football, most people would want a softer opponent first to iron out the kinks before you take on stronger competition. However, the CFL has done a lot of Grey Cup rematches in the first week so your idea is more likely to happen.

If winning the Grey Cup is the impetus that launches the Argo's fans to return, job well done.
Maybe next year Argo's can loose the Grey Cup to Edmonton Elks.....and so on, and so on....


Darn it.. I thought Lions getting better attendance was a good thing.


Might be time to change your name :upside_down_face:

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Wish they had someone else do the voice over ... that is polished

that is not part of the original broadcast .

I like the guy who does it for broadcasting quality

but the voice over needs to be stoic , dry and unattached to the

usual voice heard on TSN every week .

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Cause...maybe, you ain't got the cup no more???


Most people here know that his name refers to a Winnipeg win in the 80's


We got lots of cups
35, 39, 41, 58, 59, 61, 62, 84, 88, 90, 19 & 21
Just pick whichever one you like.


And I like our chances of one in 23 personally. No pressure to repeat, hunger after a loss. Could be what this team needs to become fully dominant again.