Toronto gets wish of NFL Team. 2035 -

In the distant future.....

Toronto gets it's wish of a NFL Team.

Toronto, After may years of lobbying to get a NFL team, was successful today after thier long campain.

As part of the deal, The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is now known as the 51st state. New boarder stations will be built just east of Oshawa, West of Oakville and North of Newmarket. Toll Boths along all the 400 Series highways.

The CN (Canada's National) tower, has been renamed to USA Today Tower. Along with anything else named after Canada. The Hockey Hall of fame is scheduled to be torn down to make way for the future offices of the new NFL Team.

The new state will also be called "Jesus Land".

Torontians voted 81% in favor of this option. Although only 6% said they would ever goto an NFL game. The new stadium, being built where the Rogers Center once stood, will not be have a roof like it's former building. The designer is quoted as saying that they wanted to stay away from a roof due to the rogers center collapse a few years earlier.

This forced the only tenants of roger center (CFL's Toronto Argonauts) to move to WhiteHorse, Yukon. Which Since Global warming has a population of over 1 Million. (The BlueJays folded due to poor attendence).

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have the leafs won the cup yet? in 2035 ? :wink:

in one word no!!! but clones of both Sydney Crosby and Wayne Gretzky have been created to finally decide who’s better.

Ha ha ha I doubt it! Have the riders won a Grey cup by then?
Ad in the Leader Post:
October 14th 2035
Roy Shivers Jr GM of the Riders announced they are over the cap. However, a home play off spot is in site. They only need to get out of 4th spot in the next few weeks to make the push. Shivers said if we do not make it this year I would expect my 5 year plan to to get extended I know we are close. Danny Barrett the 3rd head coach said he only needs to push his guys a bit harder but not to hard.
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced that they finally got their man. O'missy signed by B Taman Jr will suit up to do the kicking for the bombers. Taman found him in the lounge at the Grey Hound station. Taman said he was in good shape and would find away around him kicking with a walker.

Does Halifax have a team by 2035, or did Whitehorse beat them to it?

2035, hmmm, I'm sure Paul Godfrey must be around 60 years old so that would put him at 88 I believe. He could still be around to see his dream come true I suppose. :wink:

Just read this article from 2006 which I thought was interesting:

The National Football League – heading to Canada (sooner then you think)

“The National Football League opened their 2006 season Thursday night at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field. With 32 franchises and an average value of $898 million according to the latest Forbes Magazine NFL financial valuation; business never has been better for the NFL. The 2006 season marks the twelfth consecutive season the City of Los Angeles, America’s second largest city has been without an NFL franchise. 2006 also signifies another NFL season without a franchise in what is considered the third most important North American market – Toronto. Interesting corporate moves made in the last few days, bring Toronto a great deal closer to an NFL franchise then the city has ever been before.” …

Sports Business News

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Howard Bloom is Paul Godfrey's alias. :wink: :wink:

I wouldn't bet the farm on that yet. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

To be honest, and I'm not sure how this sounds, but the NFL blew it way back when when they MLB got there and not them. They in fact did miss out on a huge opportunity, CFL or no CFL. Although some might argue the timing wasn't right then for an NFL team in Toronto, I don't know. But regardless, MLB is big in T.O., not a market as big as New York or Boston maybe but still bigger than Milwaukee and a few others, at the very least middle of the pack.

I really hope they don't create a team in Toronto. As much as I love the NFL, I'd rather see the CFL expand. If a Toronto team is created for the NFL I can't help but think it'll just suck all of the talent from the CFL.

I'd rather get a team up in Ottawa and maybe a couple other cities.

I am with you on this Chief. All I'm saying is that I think the NFL missed a huge opportunity, that's all. There is a lot of competition between the NFL and MLB I think for fans dollars and Toronto was a market literally waiting for the big leagues back in the 70's. This is just a statement without any thinking about 'should' the NFL have gone into Toronto because of the CFL etc. I suppose back then, though, Montreal did have the best stadium and might have been better but I'm sure the economic analysts with the Quebec language problems could have forecast that Montreal would decrease in importance in this country as English companies left town with many of their employees as a result.

I have to say, some of these "articles" from the future are quite funny. But, i really hope Toronto doesnt get an NFL team, cuz then the CFL will probably lose the oldest team, the Argos. BUt, its seems as if Toronto has this big ego, so they want an NFL team, so that it can go along with them being the only Canadian venue to have a NBA and MLB franchise.

and, just out of curiosity, is that the Ohio Buckeyes Tedd Ginn Jr in your new look uniform, drummer god?

I don't know Gotts. Why would the CFL die in Toronto if the NFL came?

I mean the ARgos have survived head to head with the Leafs. If they can survive against the Leafs, the NFL will be like a walk in the park.

Because face facts pal. This is Canada. Where hockey is king. Not football, or baseball, or basketball.

Andybody foolish to spend two billion for an NFL team and build a stadium, only to be second or third banana behind the Leafs, has rocks in their head in my opinon.

And after the NFL honeymoon wears off, just like it has for the Blue Jays, this NFL team will scraping the barrel for the Maple Leafs leftovers.

And the CFL will continue to grow in popularity and defeat any competition. As it has with baseball. As it has wiht basketball. And as it will do to the NFL.

Why. Because of the "C" in CFL. Its our own national professional league. And no league from a foreign country can hurt it. That my friend is fact.

HA, HA, Redandwhite2005, looks like Riders may win the Grey Cup in 2007. Much closer to it then Calgary is!!!

And Joseph rolls out and breaks his leg in game 16 of the season, the Rider season is officially finished and dead. :wink:

Skydome isn't big enough (in my opinion) and I honestly don't believe the majority of Toronto sports fans want an NFL team. Maybe I'm wrong on that...just a feeling.
I hope it doesn't happen...I can't stand the NFL's so boring. Run, run, run, run. 4 downs is for sissies.

I guess this article says best why the Bills have to recognize Toronto, 5 million people in Toronto, a big market:

"According to the 2000 census, the metropolitan Syracuse area had a population of 732,117. While that’s certainly not an insignificant amount of would-be Bills fans, it pales in comparison to the five million people in the Greater Toronto area.

That’s not lost on Brandon, who recognized Southern Ontario as one of the only regions experiencing population growth in the area."

[url=] ... 24642.html[/url]

You would think that with all of the people in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and southern Ontario, an NFL team in Buffalo could make a go of it.