Toronto game

I`m surprised that nobody has commented on the end of the Argo /Calgary game . That has to be the worst call in the history of the CFL .Johnson clearly had the ball and it came out a long time after he hit the ground . That call probably killed any chance Calgary had of overtaking BC for home field advantage in the west .

Hilariously , George Black said that he never had control of the ball while the whole pannel on CBC and the game announcers and i`m sure everyone who was watching disagreed . Ted Michaels always gets comments from Black on close calls and he ALWAYS backs up his guys . How can we get better Refs when their boss wont admit publicly that they have blown calls ?

I was watching and I thought it was a good call. :smiley:

Ya of course you did .....

With the benefit of video replay, yes that was the worst call I have ever seen.

First of all, it was not the worse call in the history of the CFL, unless you've only watched one or two games.

I was surprised, I thought it was a catch, but that could have made it a fumble as well then.

Calgary would still have had to score to tie... and then won in OT, (all against the toughest D in the league based on Points Against) so that call alone, hardly cost them first against BC. What will cost them 1st is BC having a game in hand, and that game for the Lions is at home against Hamilton. The rest of their schedules is identical, 2 head to head and one against Winnipeg.

Nice biased assessment. I think I have watched about 60% of ALL CFL games for the last 30 years. The call, with the BENEFIT of video replay, and overwhelming conclusive evidence, was disgusting, and the league owes its fans an apology. It is pointless to speculate would have beens ifs... the call, on it's own merit, deserves a review on part of the offending referees.

Yup that call was as big of a joke as the failed audio in the Ti-Cat/Bomber game in Winnipeg this summer.

After that call was reversed I started listening to the Calgary radio station that carries the Stamps games. You shoulda heard the announcers on that broadcast after the game. They stopped short of calling it a conspiracy but they sure suggested that someone in the replay booth wanted the blue team to win the game.

If that is even remotely true (which I doubt it is) the entire replay staff should be fired immediately and George Black should step down.

Biased assessment?

I said I thought it was a catch. I was just reacting to the idea it cost Calgary first place. It wasn't even a scoring play and he then dropped the ball before being touched, so it could have also been ruled a fumble.

I'm just getting a little sick of hearing what woulda coulda shoulda happened. The reffing is not and will never be great in the CFL, you can either choose to accept that or you can sit around waiting for apologies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya ok Tuck , I guess the rest of us are just blind ????

The fact that he had video replay on that call makes it the worst call of all time . In the past at least they can say they didnt have replay but Ireland did and that`s what makes it a travesty !!!!!!



Did you even READ my post before posting that?

I learned long, long ago that if you can't turn a blind eye to some really poor officiating from time to time, then the CFL is not for you because unfortunately, it's going to happen. However, I do not believe for a second that any CFL official is biased for or against any team. They simply don't have the training to do the job as well as we all would hope for. We all know the reasons and you can't hold that against the guys doing the jobs (e.g. part-time jobs, lack of money for training, lack of interest by the owners, etc).

An Argo fan

That was simply an awful call... the fact that it was an "Officials" replay called down from the booth suggests to me that the booth felt the wrong call was made on the field... its up to Jake Ireland to overturn the call and it seems he isnt one to overturn the call on the field very often, its Jake and his pride.

As for George Black? He is not good for the league at all, he rarely admits that his officials make mistakes and when he does he always adds a silver lining. The difference in the NFL is that officials are held accountable and are fined, even suspended if they make mistakes like this.

George should be looking to make the CFL better instead he is contributing to the problem, maybe some of these refs need to be called out in public before they grow up, swallow their pride and get it right.

IMO George Black needs to go.

Every league has bad calls and poor officiating from time to time.

Kerry Frazier's made a career out of it.

But why is it that when a bad call is made in the CFL everyone dumps on the whole league?

Questionable officiating has always been a way of life for the CFL fan. Poor calls are decided against 8 teams in this league. Every CFL fan knows this. Split second timing is required and judgement calls are required. Most games have a call or two that are very close either way and usually spark friendly debate.
The call on the field was an incomplete pass. The ball was spotted back to the original line of scrimmidge for 3rd down. The replay booth was correct in sending down a review. The reviewing ref statement for the call was "There is no evidence of a completed pass".
Based on this it is tough to identify a conspiracy. I would start the accountibility hearing with the head referee. To suggest that training, ownership or split second error were factors to me are very far fetched, other than the incorrect call made on the field. The video replay was very conclusive. The call was very easy. Suggestions of the referee's contempt for the replay system seem to have enough merit to be investigated. If you check the other CFL fansites, you find mild mannered posters furiously seething, and these are fans of non-partisan teams.

talk about that call what about the call in the TiCat BC game? even the announcers said it was a fumble and replay showd this to be true. Ron Lancaster even tried to throw the flag twice but the ref picked it up and said no. Our refs are a joke to the whole league!!!

The only thing I will say about that play is this..

For them to overturn the call on the field of incomplete, they would have to ASSUME the following...

  1. A Catch
  2. possession
  3. Not down by contact and a fumble
  4. a Ticat recoverery.

2,3, and 4 came AFTER the whistle... and as much as i thought it was a bad call on the field I have a hard time believing they could overturn that after the whistle has blown, even though George Black has said that players can play after the whistle for the purpose of recovering a fumble... good luck getting him to justify it with anything other than some BS statement about the NFL using the same rule.

head referee jake ireland sucks and always has...been a ref for 30 years at least..should have learned something by now :thdn: :thdn: