Toronto Game on Saturday: Season, or No

Do you think that if the Hamilton Ti-Cats win the upcoming game on Saturday August 12, they will make the playoffs, and if they lose, they will not?
Oskee Wee Wee,
Danny Mac's Biggest Fan

Yes i think that if they win they will make the playoffs.

Yes ,we must win something like seven of the last games to have a chance of making the playoffs.

I disagree, don't listen to what Ronnie says, he's forgetting it's now just an 8 team league. Sure, 9 wins will guarantee a playoff spot, but 8, 7 or even 6 wins might be enough to get in this year.

Oh ya ,don't listen to coach Lancaster ....

Good advice Tuck,I've done that too many times in life to have learned it's better to listen to a veteran QB ,coach and analyst like Ronnie over a Pinball. :cowboy:

It will help their chances if they beat the Argos on Saturday but there are no guarantees with the Cross-over rule.
Remember the past two seasons when the Gades finished ahead of the Ticats but Saskatchewan crossed over to play in the East Semi.

  1. No they won't win. This is a team(Argos) that has been a sleeping bear. The firing of Kent Austin will wake them up. They will come out of the dressing room, on fire, with something to prove. Watch out!

  2. Sorry to say, not this year. Look for the very inconsistant Cats to continue to improve at a very slow rate.

I think the 3 argos games in the next 5 weeks will decide who goes to the playoffs and who stays home.

It's a race between, Toronto, Hamilton and Edmonton, with the possible cross-over. Even though Toronto has a game advantage, I think Hamilton can do it, depending on these critical games against our rivals down the QEW, in the next couple of weeks.

Is the cross-over rule in effect with only 8 teams in the league? I was under the assumption that the rule was brought in due to the unbalanced divisions!

Yes the cross-over rule is still in effect. I think we'll win, we have to win, and if we win we'll pull off win after win after win.