Toronto(fine &/or forfeit gm) did not start mandatory 7 NI

That is all..... If it's a rule that is so important for every other team and is a large part in the gaming process, a team that violates the rule should be punished.

Let's see if the league takes the rule seriously. If not, then all other teams should just start any #.

Are you saying that one of the designated internationals was on the field without one of the starting international coming off? For the first play? Or the whole game?

It's a 25 yard penalty, but only if detected. If there's a corresponding fine, it could be applied by the league even if no penalty was called.

What the heck are you talking about? The Argos started six NATs on offence (four o-linemen and two receivers) and two on defence (Emry and Gabriel) with a third (Laing) playing at least half of the snaps.

I suspect that this poster has misinterpreted yet another rule, thinking that seven nationals must be on the field at all times.

Or he/she has started yet another thread just to get a response. Having not been watching the game that closely, I wasn't sure it wasn't true, although I suspected it wasn't. So I asked for a clarification. Not sure why, as the previous three times I have asked this poster for a clarification, my question has been ignored. One of these days, the mods will catch on, although that's much like a game of Whack-a-Mole.

Can't ban someone for making a stupid comment.

True. Might otherwise have to ban a lot of people. We're almost all guilty of it on occasion. :lol:

teams must have 7 going both ways at the same time.... not just for the first play.

True enough, however, I think the OP falls more neatly into the category (on a regular basis);

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that is, if that is Cheif's opinion. joeys dad is getting a lot more mileage this time around.

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Not true at all. It is 7 total...O and D. You could have 7 on O and none on D if you wanted to

OK, now I know which of my two hypotheses it is. You have yet again misinterpreted the rules.

Please go read the actual rules on the use of international players and then come back and admit your error. Hint: the rules are included in the CFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 23: Roster Size. A copy of the previous CBA can be found here: The only changes in the current CBA are the use of the terms international and national instead of import and non-import, and the size of the reserve being reduced from four to two players.

WBBB doesn't need to read the rules. He's an insider who has worked extensively in CFL front offices, as well as in the NFL and NCAA. If we disagree with him, we must be the ones who are mistaken.

Matt's uncle? :lol:

You are not familiar with what rule I am talking about. There is a rule in the CBA consists of you must start 7 NI.....

And this rule was broken during the game. This same question was asked to Mike O'Shea 2 weeks ago and he admitted that he himself did not know the exact rule as a player and assistant coach until '14 regular season.

Bob Irving looked into it also last year or the year before. You must have 7 both ways. Meaning you can start 4 on 1 side 3 on the other. Or 7 one way and 0 the other way at all times..... Toronto Argonauts violated the rule yesterday!

While not commenting on the validity of the OP claim and certainly not a fan of his posts in total.

But I have asked this in the past. I have no idea how this is policed in a game. Is there an official that is actually keeping track?

"Hmmm...they had 4 NI last series on defense. Now on offense do they have 3?" I just cannot envision that this is policed very well at all for the duration of the game. I doubt that it is.

Like I said this was discussed locally and though the head coaches were aware of this, MOS head coach in Winnipeg did not know the exact rule.

Even the local sports reporters did not know the rule or how it was tracked. The closest thing we got was a local Winnipeger Ken Lazaruk I believe got into more details.

Apparently the league has spotters that any given time can track the players. The flip side is that based on formation in/out substitutions the consensus is that it's almost impossible to track. So the NI/I starting issue is really a waste of time just like the salary cap (ask saskatchewan) It really comes down to how many players on the roster at game time.

But the true rule is that they must have 7 players at all times and they must remain in the game.

I really can't tell if you're serious.

Read this:

It's just that easy.

As stupid as this MattsDad is…it does get me wondering why you never see a penalty called for such an infraction…Like we all know that CFL teams have the discipline of a hungry dog …so while there are literally more penalties calls in a week of 4 CFL games then then there is in a week of 15 NFL games, it makes me wonder why this infraction never gets called

Ya I've watched CFL for years and have NEVER seen it called. And that's impossible.

I don't think it is monitored in any real way other than the start of a game with starting line-ups posted to the officials.

I have to agree that I don't know what rule you're talking about. Having read the entire CBA (latest available online) cover-to-cover, including the appendices, and the latest available CFL rule book (2013), I am positive that there is no rule that states that a CFL team must have seven nationals (previously known as non-imports) on the field at the start of the game, and definitely not for the entire game, on offence and on defence.

The rule states, in simplified terms, that:

  • 16 of the up to 20 international non-quarterback players can play at any time; these are listed as starting internationals;
  • the rest of the (up to 4) internationals are listed as designated internationals;
  • designated internationals can enter the game on special team plays without restriction;
  • designated internationals can only enter the game on regular plays if one of the starting internationals comes out for that play.

There is no rule limiting the number of national players that can be or need to be on the field. But because there is a maximum of 16 internationals out of the 23 non-quarterbacks that can play on offence and defence (assuming no two-way players), that leaves at least seven spots that must be filled by nationals.

But I'm always willing to learn something new. So please, if I have missed something in the CBA, or have misinterpreted it, let me know which article contains the rule you are referring to. As I mentioned previously, here is a link to the CBA:

Also, it is no surprise that players, especially national players like O'Shea, don't know what the details of the international rule. They don't need to know; they are just told when to go on the field and when to come off. And O'Shea was a special teams coach prior to this year. As mentioned above, the international rule does not apply to special team plays, so he wouldn't have needed to know the rule before this year. But as a head coach, he now needs to know exactly how the rule works. Otherwise, he'd be taking 25 yard penalties a few times every game.

As for how the rule is monitored, it's one of the roles of the head linesman and the line judge, one responsible for each team's substitution. Each would have the list of the starting internationals and the four designated internationals. During line changes, they would be watching for a DI coming into the game, and would them look for which starting international came out for that play. Not that difficult, especially as it would be their only responsibility at that time.