Toronto FC and MLS 2018

I’m not going to that February 27th CONCACAF game but will be there a few days later on Saturday afternoon March 3rd for the regular season opener and the raising of the MLS Cup banner. That could be a chilly one too.

I will be... gonna be cold.
March 3rd will be the same.

Sign of the times - or at least the state of the teams?

Today was the first day the general public could buy single TFC tickets and both their CONCACAF game on February 27th and the MLS Season home opener on March 3rd are both very close to being sold out already.

The Jays tickets have been on sale since yesterday - and the home opener - which is even against the Yankees this year - still has 5,000+ seats left. The last few years the home opener had sold out in hours.

I don’t care about soccer in Canada as a spectator sport or the MLS but I’m glad for the footie fans in Toronto that they love this stuff. Good for them, not my thingy. At all or in the least but very glad for these folk. Have fun y’all. Very glad for you all.

I know Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation will understand me on this. ;D

Grow lights working overtime!!!

And the lights during the day...

18 days until I'm in one of the seats almost right behind the TFC bench. (Thank goodness with access to the West Side Club to stay warm pre-game and halftime.) :slight_smile:

One day I’d love to get to BMO for an Argos game have to admit. Definitely a CFL game at BMO is a bucket list item.

Building for a decade of dominance...

Another amazing addition to an already deep squad!

Good article on a Canadian kid making his mark on deepest squads in MLS history.

I hope TFC aren't jinxing themselves with some of the stuff related to their (assumed) next CONCACAF game - assuming they advance after Game 2 against Colorado tomorrow after winning Game One 2-0.

Their Facebook Page adding a March 7th 'event' and now Ticketmaster has added a game with ticket sale details TBA.

At least they are lucking out BIG TIME for an 8:00PM evening game in February with tomorrow expected to be near record warmth for a February 27th in Southern Ontario with highs around 12C and game time temperatures around +7C tomorrow.

Yup. Going to be great weather tonight.

Not really jinxing. There’s just a really small window to market and sell to the non-season seat holders (aprox 5000).

Decent turnout for a midweek evening outdoor February game - with the announced attendance of 23,383. A fair number of no-shows - but still a good crowd.

The real grass field did seem to chew up pretty quickly - not surprising for February. I'll be curious to see what the conditions will be like at the game I'm going to on Saturday - especially with the big shift in weather with up to 10 cm of snow expected Thursday night though Friday morning.

With the tie last night Toronto FC move on and now move on to the quarter-finals against the Tigres - one of the biggest teams in Mexican soccer.

First game in that home and home series next Wednesday evening at BMO Field again. That means 3 home games within 9 days - in the winter - with two of them being midweek evening games. Now there is a challenge for ticket sales if ever there was one. Presale for the Tigres game opens at 10:00AM this morning for TFC members and general public sale starting tomorrow morning.

We have that game included in the season seat package - Additional tickets went on sale this morning.
Great time last night. Atmosphere was a little muted - typical for a Champions league game here. Decent crowd but a lot of season seat holders give away these games. A lot of them still think it's some sort of friendly...

Nice tie/win for TFC .

Thats a great crowd didn't they get the message your not suppose to get Canadian's outside for spectator sports in cold weather . It does seem to be okay for pro soccer or pro hockey though .Hmmm better crowd than 78 degrees and sunny for the Argos .

Wonder why it's just not good for the Canadian version of pro football ? Or at least that's what were told for November but hmmm Argos finally had a good crowd in November . That's odd .

Got to hand it to MLSE and putting up the roofs at least it keeps you dry . Brilliant investment Glad to see TFC benefitting from the shelter .

As usual - a fun time at a Toronto FC game - with a great crowd - even though the team lost to Columbus 2 - 0.

Even with a March 3rd -5C wind chill opener - a great crowd at BMO Field.

Unreal the size of the lineups at all the stands selling various team 'stuff'. Pre-game, halftime and post-game huge lineups at the multiple stands selling scarves, touques and uniforms. There had to be well into the six figures in sales. Here my new scarf. ($31).

Talking to the waitress at 'Local' in Liberty Village - she was saying they are 'packed' pre and post every TFC game. This how packed it still was over an hour after today's game. I asked her about Argos games and she said 'it's getting better'.

Well TFC are now the ones being hunted as MLS champs. Just one game. But it's a shame this stuff is still showing up about the MLS in the media. When will it stop? The MLS really doesn't deserve this, it's a legit league for sure, some media just has it out for the league, sadly. Maybe that is why this is marked out as it is:

The Fire were MLS’ first expansion team, back before the league [s]became a Ponzi scheme harvesting exorbitant expansion fees[/s] had much traction in the American sporting landscape [i](March 1st) 2018[/i]

interesting about the name Fire. wonder if there was any discussion about it being disrespectful.

If Ticketmaster is to believed - it looks like the game this Wednesday night against the Mexican title holders Tigres is almost completely sold out. This will be a HUGE test for TFC - and they are going to have to be much sharper than they have been their last two games if they are to have a chance.