Toronto FC and MLS 2018

Interesting read from Larson. I have heard similar stories from former players over the years. Julian De Guzman is still owed money from a Spanish club. Several teams in Europe simply stop paying players and treating injuries when the money runs dry.

Another old signing yes for a player that is coming up to 30, which is considered on the downside of a soccer career.
Despite what some articles have said, he could not get a decent contract with a top club in Europe hence the change of scenery.
Again, not only will the ponzy scheme begin the domino affect for this league, but just like the old NASL it continues to blow their brains out with such high price signings.

As usual... you have no insight into the situation and keep spewing the same old.

There is truth to what ArgoT is saying, Alpha.

High price signings are NOT the way to go. It smells of all the previous NASL(s).

The average age of players had got younger. Not older. Quality has drastically improved. What the NASL did was unlimited spending. This is targeted spending on impact players while focusing on talent development, academies and home grown players. Night and day. You can't just cherry pick a single issue (that was true 5 years ago) and keep applying it over and over again when the opposite has been readily proven.

^^ You lost me. ^^ I am NOT cherry-picking anything. My point of interest has always been the Pyramid-esk nature of the MLS.

All I am saying is, adding high priced talent will result in ALL teams feeling like they have to spend. This will make the losses larger and the need for expansion money stronger. THAT is a recipe for disaster.

The MLS was started with the best of intentions but the League keeps taking steps that increase the likelihood of a Ponzi scheme outcome.

That is what ArgoT said as well.

Conversation at the Columbus Crew head office...

Executive 1 : Did you see the Toronto signing?

Executive 2 : Yup.

Executive 1 : Well, let's look into finding our own star.

Executive 2 : We can't afford it. You saw how much we lost last year.

Executive 1 : We need to compete and no one is buying tickets so... we don't have a choice! This may be our only way to get some attention. Besides, there MAY be more expansion money in 2020. That should cover some of the big salary and losses.

Executive 2 : But... what happens if there isn't any expansion money in 2020?

Executive 1 : We'll worry about that then.

In 2020...

Owner 1 : Just talked to the Commissioner. Looks like the expansion money train is near its end. He MIGHT be able to sell a couple franchises in 2022, but that's a BIG "if".

Owner 2 : I heard that, too. You know how much I will lose without expansion money? Hell, even if he does, the expansion money gets split 23 ways and my share's not near enough to cover my losses

Owner 1 : Believe me, I know. That's why I'm getting out. Problem is, no one is willing to pay what Forbes says we're worth.

Owner 2 : I know. I've shopped my team, too. Someone offered me a quarter of what Forbes said. The potential owner said, "If Beckham can get Miami for $25M, why would I pay more than that?". Bastard!

That's why I'm getting, while the getting is good. Before there's a stampede. Take what I can and run.

Owner 1 : My thoughts exactly. You don't want to be the last one out the door when this carousel ends.

Oh... you really have no clue about what you are talking about.

LOL! Where is this wrong? Please, tell me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, now that Rogers owns the Argos, I no longer care about the success/failure of MLS. But, having said that...

If it walks like a Duck named Ponzi, and Quacks like a Duck named Ponzi, it might just be a Duck named Ponzi. 8)

no no no, the duck's name is FONZI

Oh!!! Now I understand. Okay. That changes my mind and the MLS has nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

Running list of South American talent coming into MLS in 2018. Note the ages and average age.

Heading to Mexico to finish up the pre-season. Good tests to get ready for Champions League.

First home game for Concacaf champions league for TFC is February 27. I can't imagine there's anything but dormant grass at BMO right now, so is that what they are going to play on? Is that good for the grass?

...might as well play on a parking lot...BMO field is frozen solid I would imagine

The grass has been maintained - grow lights and heating under the field (installed back in 2010). The grass thinks it's early March. It will be fine.

The grass has been maintained - grow lights and heating under the field (installed back in 2010). The grass thinks it's early March. It will be fine.

…did not know that, thanks

Additionally the grass is tented and snow kept off. If you drive by the stadium at night you can the yellow glow of the grow lights.

The surface won't be perfect but it will be playable. Real test of the grounds crew (one of the best in N.A.)