Toronto FC and MLS 2018

Lots of interesting information in a Toronto Sun article on the new Argos President as it relates to the booming popularity of Toronto FC.

Some of the numbers and descriptions that jumped out at me.

“We’ve gotten to a point where our demand has surpassed our supply – which is a good spot to be in,? Manning said of TFC, adding the club’s season ticket base will balloon to 24,500 this year. “I say this humbly,? Manning continued, “TFC is hitting on all cylinders, across the board.?

So much so that TFC intends to keep the extra north-end seats it added for last year’s playoffs.
Additionally, Manning said he’s looking at options to expand BMO by as many as 5,000 seats

A drop in the no-show rate
Manning explained that an 84% show rate – up from 72% in 2015
Between season tickets and group sales, MLSE expects every TFC match to sell out within 60 days of every fixture.“I don’t think we’re going to have many single-game sells at all,? Manning suggested.

The club’s 98.5% season-ticket renewal rate, he said, “is approaching Maple Leafs territory.?

“It’s real money,? he continued. “You look at the gates we’re generating. You can do the math.?
With an average ticket price of $45, TFC brings in nearly $1.2 million in single-game ticket sales.

Toronto FC revenue is up 30% since 2015. TV viewership is up almost 200%, Manning said.

Not bad for a team that did not even exist 12 years ago in a competitive marketplace like Toronto.

Expanding the stadium again after a post-title popularity bump would be a big mistake in my opinion. Waiting couple of years to see if the team can fill the 30,000-seater consistently or get a waiting list of 5,000-10,000 before thinking about expansion would be wiser.

On the topic of expansion, after 4 years of trial and error looks like Beckham finally gets enough things right for the league to wave his team in. Miami expansion announcement scheduled for Monday.

Rumor has it, they will start playing in 2019, in a temporary venue while the stadium plan is being finalized.

Toronto - you should officially now be embarrassed by your pathetic attendance at CFL games. It proves that immigrants come to Canada and positively affect change and grow their world - better and quicker than how we have been plodding along all along.

Stretching the truth

Iconic, Toronto is just jealous of Regina and Saskatchewan that they can't compete with provincial popularity with a pro sports team nor a stadium to boot with this team so they have no choice but to try and outdo Saskatchewan with a different sport and league. And BMO is a joke compared with that stadium in Regina, as we all know of course. So they have to pretend winning the MLS Cup actually matters. 8)

Pyramid scheme.

However, Beckham as part of his MLS contract was supposedly provided with a pyramid expansion team.

What's up with Beckham these days? One name I do know from soccer. Is he still playing pro soccer somewhere or is he officially retired?

Feel free to choose any of the Pyramids behind you, David...

No need to look too close at the finances. They're all built on sand.