Toronto @ Edmonton

We have the chance to go up 7-1. Go Esks! :thup: Got some beers in the fridge. Kickoff in under 30 minutes. :smiley:

The umpires should get hazard pay. :lol:

Holy frickin turnovers, Batman. :roll:

Theres something special about sunny afternoon games at Commonwealth.
The game seems to have extra heavy hits today.
Hope Reilly is OK. I wanted to see him vs Ray.

Hopefully Chris Jones managed to bring his team out for O Canada ??The great Hugh Cambell didn't think we was above standing for our national anthem ! Glad the league fined him , classless!

I said it before, I like this Lawrence kid. That was some speed.

Also, while I hope Reilly's OK, it's nice to have a backup QB who can lead the team.

I like Nichols.
Should be interesting to see what he can do with the Esk's A-team.

I don't even wanna know how you dislocate your ankle. Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn. :?

Finally, we get a turnover of our own. Let's take advantage!

One play and a TD. That’s what I like to see. :smiley: This is a good game. We’re seeing some physical play, good defensive plays, but we’re also seeing some points scored. It isn’t a brutal 10-7 game.

Who the hell is running the cameras? We completely missed that Edmonton first down.

Smart play by Willis. 24-7. This is the Edmonton team we saw at the start of the season. Now they just need to keep their foot on the gas. No quit. Play 60 minutes.

All year when people have been saying games were good defensive showcases?

THIS is a defensive showcase. Eskimos are putting on a clinic for how to shut down an offense.

Is it ever.

Chief, I think your team has the best defence in the league.

They’re certainly playing like it today. :thup: We just need to keep getting stops and putting up points. I said it the last two weeks against Montreal and Ottawa: We need to develop that killer instinct. Don’t pack it in (like we did against Montreal) just because we have a big lead.

Third quarter will be key.

Maybe I'm biased, but the facemask and the roughing calls seemed a bit...weak to me.

Another brilliant showing by an Eastern team. Esks are destroying the Argos.

Esks showing good defense and offense. Argo QB doesn't have a chance to look for primary receiver let alone secondary, 4 sacks in first half plus that blocked pass that was turned into a TD. I like points in football but this is really one sided.
However this game is a lot better than the Buffalo/Tampa Bay NFL game. Bills have no offense, keep going the wrong way, like 3rd and 40. I'll keep watching the CFL.

This is starting to look like the Montreal game. We went into halftime with a big lead, and now it seems like the team's packed it up in the second half. Apparently they didn't get Jones' message about hitting them in the mouth and hitting them in the mouth...

Jones may need a halftime speech instead of a pregame one. No killer instinct.