Toronto @ Edmonton

Peach is out 4-6 weeks, and Bowman will also be out. Bauman returns. Bell will be starting for Toronto. I'd say that's good news for us. Sadly, I'll miss the first half. My uncle has an extra ticket for the Hamilton game, and he asked me if I wanted to go.

I have never been to a game in the east. the history of IWS makes me want to go to a game there someday. I picked toronto to win on big daves... now bell is starting so i should prolly switch since he is terrible. but i think i will stick with it since in need the esks to luze so the stamps can have a chance at a west home final.

I went to a couple Hamilton games with my brother back in 2009. It's a nice place. Rabid fans. I got eaten alive when I showed up for the Esks-Cats game clad in my Eskimos gear. :lol:

If it's any consolation, after Toronto I see Edmonton dropping its games against Winnipeg and Montreal. At best we go 1-1. Winnipeg plays great defence, and contrary to what happened last weekend, Montreal is tough to beat at home.

Hope you enjoy the football game at IW in Hamilton vs Montreal, thus I'll get to enjoy a game as well when I go with my son to B.C. Place on Oct. 29th vs Edmonton. This game will be good for Bell to get more game time as he'll get to see different looks on what the Eskie D will show. How Bell does when changing the called play at the line of scrimmage will be interesting as well - a fair amount of blitz perhaps? I also feel Barker won't hesitate to switch it up if Bell does not play well (interceptions) and put Lemon in and/or the third QB could see some action.

Update; Joe Sykes to miss one more game with an ankle injury, Robert Henderson will move up from practice roster.
Also Eskies have released NIP Pascal Fils RB

I don't want to jump on the "wuss train," but it does seem strange that Lemon will miss a game because of a tooth injury. This is pure speculation, but I'm wondering if maybe Barker's just using this as an excuse to play Bell? Lemon hasn't looked good since the season opener against Calgary.

Edit: Of course, he did start the last game going 5 for 5. I don't know. It just seems odd to me.

Not a huge loss seeing as how we've three or four potential starters already. :lol:

As Blue Blood commented on Lemon, the impact and results of that vicious, though clean, hit were worse than anyone imagined except Barker who jumped to appeal for league sympathy.

The dentist who treated Lemon's dental nerve damage said it was the worst he had seen in his entire 45-year career!

Think about this -- not only was a tooth or two broken, but the actual nerves deep down in the gums were rattled and damaged! I guess he's lucky his jaw was not broken too.

And of course Barker would use this game as an opportunity groom Bell given that it's a tough game, for it's a long season and don't be fooled Lemon's solid as number one lest Bell pull a surprise on his second chance to shine to give everyone a lot to think about for the Argos.

Otherwise when Lemon is 100% or if Bell poops the bed, Lemon plays again and case closed.

What happened? Fight? Drinks poured on you? Don’t leave us hangin’ like that Chief!

Now that we are into some fun in here namely "THE EVIL EMPIRE" forum thus Chief is pullin off a "Joker" by Stevie Miller;
Some people call me the Space Cowboy...Yeah
Some people call me the Gangster of in Summer :rockin: ==== Eskimos are 4-0 Baby :cowboy:

Not sure I follow you here, but if that's a ref to Glau then...

Paolo X Quoted; Well your leaving us hangin on what happened in the Hammer at a game dressed in EE gear. Then I decide to get in on it with my crazy minded thoughts and I use music lyrics to somehow describe a given situation in a goofy way. But I think you kinda get it now in Ref to Glau though.
Space Cowboy = a person having fun in a trippy kinda way.
Gangster of Love = a person who lures away love (Girl) who may belong to someone else.

Can we stick to Football talk now. But what did happen in Hamilton though :? Like what went down? Just tell us :expressionless:

Hey Backer I just noticed you went 0 for 4 on the weekly picks OUCH! better luck this week . :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea that is a big knock going 0-4, thus I will be keeping an eye watch on 15_championships/ who's the Top Dog. Also BigDave is sneaking up too. Oh's a Brutal Planet :lol:

Thats ok I didn't fair much better at 1 for 4 but hey all is good when your team wins . :thup:

I enjoyed the game as well and kudos to Kavis Reed on the sidelines on how he felt with emotion; soon to calm down however is a much class act too I must add. Nice touch on the ball by Ricky Ray on that touchdown toss for the go ahead TD. Impressive power runs as well by the Undertaker; Messam. Toronto played tough football and credits to them and for Bell; more game Reps is all he needs and will excell I say. Eskies D had trouble stopping the run and good job to Kackert for his effort.

Your right the Esks look weak on the run tonight, hopefully they can make some adjustments. All in all though I'm happy with the 5 and 0 start from here on in it's all a bonus.

I'm surprised Edmonton did so poorly against the run. 139 yards. Hasn't Edmonton been one of the top teams against the run this season? Maybe Kackert is just that good. Bell didn't seem to have a good game, at least statistically. :?

Ray was amazing. Four touchdowns. Offensive player this week? :lol: (Edit: I just realized that two of his four touchdowns were fumbles. Oops. :lol: )

I'll have to catch the game online tomorrow. Looking at the stats, it doesn't seem like it should've been that close.

Edit: I guess we did have three fumbles. :lol:

Chief we had the best run defence in the league statistically until this weekend of games perhaps, though second place with Montreal was not even close. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

One easy way to spot that your defence is in serious trouble is when you examine the stats for tackles.

When Weldon Brown leads with 9 and TJ Hill is third with 5, our defence sucks and let's not sugar-coat it. :x

If you have played in the secondary to some degree before even just pick-up or amateur, it's nothing but frustrating as a player in the secondary to have to pick up that slack for your teammates upfield all game.

I'll breath a sign of great relief after that one.

Definitely we were weak on the run, and for the life of me I can't understand why now we don't have a decent short yardage play. Just because Bowman is away, did we forget how to run a play action run with a screen pass?

Give it to Messam and he'll roll them over is not going to work most of the time any more.

The blocking scheme must be screwed up and it all looks so telegraphed the way the defences are on top of it right after the snap.

Too bad we don't have a backup who can also roll out or run the option-keeper.

Anyone notice that Edmonton scoring a late touchdown to win 26-25 was also the story of the 1954 Grey Cup?

No? :oops: