Toronto @ Edmonton

Another must win for the Eskimos. I hope the Esks blowout the Argos.

me too.


I hope the argos get blown out every game. :thup:

Jesus. Argos open up with a couple nice plays. :?

And is it me, or is Commonwealth looking bare? :o

Eskies retros are kinda ugly

Holy crap. Is Ray injured? That's like four straight running plays. We have receivers!!!

I'm thinking McCarty should've taken that to the outside instead of hoping the O-Line would give him a hole. They can barely protect Ray, what makes him think they can create a hole? :lol:

:o Holy crap! It's like the Winnipeg game all over again.

Wow what a run by Cory Boyd.
I need the Esks to win I'm almost at the top of my pool and I got 3 points riding on this game.

Nothing like a 109 yard TD drive on the road to set the tone.

Maciocca must have taken all the pass plays with him when he left.

Nice one, Artie. :lol:

I was hoping they'd show a replay of the last play. It looked like the defender was piggybacking on Campbell. Of course, Campbell probably would've dropped it anyway...

The Argos have a gen-yoo-wine stud in young Mr. Boyd.

Er...They're not much different from what they look like now... :?

If I remember correctly, the current unis have fewer stripes, and a better yellow/gold.

Let's hope the Esks have a better second quarter, cause that last quarter was as ugly as their uniforms. :?

You know, I wish they'd stop talking about the 70's. It's just making me more depressed about the last five years. :lol:

Chief.. you might want to lock this thread.. Edmonton forgot to show up for game time!


I'd like to thank Shaw for having pity on the Eskimos! :thup:

Whitlock is carrying the Smoes entire team on his back... what a beast so far!

Hmmph. CAmpbell decided to get his drop in early this week. And now Pre misses. It's like a hockey game!