Toronto @ Edmonton = not on TV ???

The Grey Cup week would be quite a pale party after that!

Red and White, you crack me up. Guess listening to the game on the radio via the internet and watching it on tv isn’t that bad of an option.

Absolutely, especially with the second or 2 delay. If your team makes a bad play you can look away.

By the way...some Americans viewers will probably pick up this game as their first CFL game and think the broadcast crew is on crack.

Actually the nfl experimented with no play by play.
Then again it was the nfl

Bad News Third & R&W... Heard a report on the radio that CBC's sports programming will NOT be interupted.

Hmmm, I wonder how they'll slip these ones by the union?

I can see hockey, as all they'll do is pick up the US feed.

The CFL will be an interesting one.

I doubt that this labour disruption will be a lengthy one…however if it is it could prove to be harmful to the Labour-day classics which are looming on the horizon…the union will surely turn up the heat for those games being that time of year is considered sacred ground…where could this be going.?..come on guys settle this thing… :!:

I'll operate one of the cameras if theres some tequila
involved. Instead of pointing it at pinball between plays
I'll pan the audience for nice lookin ladies.

Oh damn its in Edmonton, isnt job aint gonna be easy. LOL

I can hear it now, "Hey boys i need more tequila down here!!!"

they said on cfl snap that it would be on cbc

......I heard this morning it is now cancelled.......what the hell do I do now with matching yellow and purple plaid sportsjackets?!?!>.....

Set up a webcam, grab a beer, and do play-by-play whilst you listen to the radio. . .You could track down a cheesy headset, too. . .I'd pay to watch you in a plaid jacket half-cut by the third quarter. . .

According to, in a press release from earlier this morning, quote:

Despite continuing resistance, the CBC is sticking to its plan to broadcast Saturday night's Argo-Edmonton game without commentary.

``We will provide full coverage of all the action with all the sounds from Commonwealth Stadium," said CBC spokesperson Jason MacDonald. The broadcast's only voice will be the stadium announcer's.

The CFL is to meet with the CBC this morning in hopes of changing the network's plans.

Thats actually a bonus, we won't have to listen to Walby "butcher" the English language. I'll find the game on a radio station and listen to it with the TV sound down.

I’m going to watch it and create my own commentary. After a couple of wobbly-pops, it should make for an interesting evening. :smiley:

thanks for the news..........I will just watch the T.V. and listen to the radio.