Toronto @ Edmonton = not on TV ???

Failing to reach an agreement with its union, the CBC officially locked out all of its unionized employees this morning at 12:01 am.

The broadcaster said it would try to maintain some of its programming with the 10% of non-unionized employees it employs.

Lock-outs and strikes rarely get resolved in a flash, and I doubt the CBC would send a whole TV crew of cameramen, directors, etc to a football game when 90% of its staff is unavailable.

What do you say? Will that interesting game (Tor @ Edm) disappear from the broadcast schedule?

better not....thats the game of the week!!!'s CBC's answer taken from their webpage:

Management says the CBC will continue to broadcast CFL football and NHL hockey games – but possibly without any play-by-play commentary or colour analysis. PBP or CA?!.......that could be interesting, maybe even refreshing...just mike-up a couple of players...........

.......or here's a better idea.........3/10, cash in your air miles and fly to edmonton, I'll make the drive up saturday morning and you and I will host the show.....I'll pick up a couple of really bad sports jackets up at the Red Deer Salvation Army store and a couple of bottle of Tequila and we're set......turkeybend, you're handling the on-field interviews....

Man, that would be a night to remember...

Oh, and can I play Shultz' part during half-time (even though he's not part of CBC's crew)? I'm pretty good at drinking coffee, not listening to others and stating annoying nonsense.

.......I'll mimic Dunnigan with his western drawl and Dr. Phil sayings......."ya'll listen here now, them argonauts are like a swedish pancake, pretty thin but they still got two sides"..........which makes pretty much no sense, but then get really confusing........"let me tell ya folks, that Ricky Ray is like a hoop around a barrel, no way is there brine in the pickle jar but do you think that stops the blue ribbon at the county fair hanging in my cousins barn, know what I mean?!"........more tequila Third?........

Thank God we wouldn’t have to listen to Lee and Walby. I watched the entire game last saturday on MUTE because those two are the worst in the universe. If the CBC sports had any brains they would can both of them.

I'll take R&W and Third over Lee and Walby any day. I'll contribute $20.00.

Third, R&W where do you want it sent?

If R&W and Third can't make it they should get Gizmo to do the commentary it wouldn't be in depth but it would be hilarious

I saw the Giz last year on a half hour CFL show...You are right he would be great!

Hey Third, R&W...pickup Giz on the way to the game!

What about moi? I’ll do stats…'re in, your also running the graphics machine, we'll need lots of cr@p all over the TV ....Giz is also in providing the 'expert' commentary while 3/10 and I just get plain old drunk.......I suspect one of us is puking by the end of the third, that'll be a first for CBC.......

Wow...That will help the ratings!

Ya Third_and _ten you could probably do better then what they got!

I hope not , should be a great game

Too bad the Riders wern't playing, then you could add Saskargo to the telecast and have her do interviews from the Rider bench.

lol, Sportmen... that one would be remembered as the Bloodbath Bowl!

But think of the increase in ratings!

I will play Millingtons role.

“ummm yes, i agree with, ummm, yes. ummm, that was a terific run, ummmm, go BC:”

That would be the best Canadian programming the CBC has ever aired.

You know, if I've learned anything from my spouse in my past four years of marriage, it's how to make a bitchin' vodka paralyzer. I want to be involved in this, and if getting you fellas drunk is the way to do it, count me in. . .I'll be bartender, and you wouldn't believe what you'd be reading from the cue cards by the end of the night with me at the helm of your drinks. . .