Toronto dosen't care about the Argonauts

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Something is wrong with the attendance numbers you posted as the stated BC attendance doesn’t come close to the 61% stated.


That'll be the day when the Argos full that place it's just 25 000 seats and they can't and won't i'll have a heart attack if they did it once never mind a whole season 25 000 seats in a market with a huge population they won't do it because no one cares this thing has been dead with very few exceptions since the mid 1980's the majority see the CFL s as minor league and really it is only the NFL will do here

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Toronto should realize that the NFL ain't coming to Toronto and embrace the CFL as a good quality, domestic professional league. It starts with the Media to change it's take on the CFL. Bang the Drum for the league on all it's platforms and stop the hiring the likes of Arash Madani, Luke(I need a haircut) Wilson


i agree that toronto doesn’t deserve the argos. the ownership group are a bunch of fools and i wish they’d sell.

Tdot doesn’t need an NFL team, they have the bills.

i’d say move the argos but where? unfortunately the league needs a 10th team (maritimes) not a moved 9th team and there aren’t enough adequate stadiums. it sucks.


There is zero chance of an NFL team coming to Toronto without a 100,000+ seat stadium and there’s not much chance of one being built in the foreseeable future.

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In celebration of the Argos Grey Cup win this season, I went out and bought a new CFL football from Canadian Tire. And, then, I bought a new Argo Toque (old logo) from RealSports. And, to top it all off, I caved in and purchased a new ball cap with the new boat logo. I'm good with that, since I actually like BMO Field and watching the games there.


This has been done to death but I may as well repeat it...surely Toronto's unique problem is that in every other major N.A. sport It's deeply involved with the U.S.

Baseball - Blue Jays play MLB not being the top team in a Canadian league

Basketball - Raptors are NBA not NBL

Hockey - no explanation needed

Soccer - Toronto plays MLS not CPL

So for everything bar football a Toronto fan can pick the highest-quality leagues in the world, or for soccer the highest-level league in the region.

How exactly can Canadian football compete with that, especially when you see even players like Canada's newly appointed national hero Nathan Rourke, instead of being the long-term face and star of the CFL, jumps at the chance to grab an NFL contract?

Even the Argos themselves, look at the QBs - the face of the franchise is McLeod B-T who could never stick with an NFL squad and his backup is Chad Kelly who is likely gone to the NFL (or gets a long look in training/preseason) with one good CFL campaign.

I know you are one of the most vocal defenders of the "CFL is NOT second-tier!" line on the forum, but when the top stars are constantly aiming for or pursuing "NFL opportunities" how else is it going to look?


I be been saying that for a long time. Well said

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The big league factor is a definite obstacle for the Argos. But MLS doesn't fit that bill and TFC does well at the gate. The Argos can get there too, like they did in the East final. They don't need to do NFL numbers to succeed. They need to do TFC or Tiger-Cat numbers.


It seems to me that MOST people not only in GTA miss this point. Your local team does not need to shoot for the globe or the moon. It just has to be solid enough to draw well regionally.

This is a harder point it seems for some folks in the largest cities in Canada and in the US to understand. In smaller markets, the people are just plain thrilled when the local team succeeds in its own right.


My only slight issue with that is even though MLS isn't top standard, it opens doors to bigger things - you have access to the CONCACAF Champions League to test yourself against the Mexican sides and potentially the Club World Cup if you win it. If THAT happens, what will Toronto sports fans get more excited about - the prospect of playing Hamilton for the 347th time or the prospect of possibly playing Real Madrid for the first time?

For all I know, there may be a section of TFC's fanbase who support them from a purely nationalist standpoint - succeeding in a league where they get to stick it to American teams almost every week, something the CFL obviously can't offer.

On the other side of that, there may be a chunk of Toronto sports fans who, like it or not, will never show much interest in the CFL because of how small the footprint is - you win the Grey Cup, then what? You're the "world's best" in a sport played in only one country and by only nine pro teams?

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This is definitely a cool aspect of soccer--both MLS and CPL. I don't watch much of the games of the two leagues, but I do like to follow the results when they play other clubs from other leagues.

There's definitely a chunk of people like that in Toronto--and every other CFL city for that matter. Very few fans think of the Grey Cup champs as "world's best" though. Most see them as the nation's best. The Argos can certainly do a better job (like Bob Young has done and Amar Doman is starting to do) at reaching out to fans for whom "nation's best" would be something worth celebrating.


The CFL needs Toronto to buy in on the CFL because the NFL will never come to Toronto. The CFL needs to expand and get a better TV deal from TSN and from a US Network/streaming platform. It needs to increase it's salary cap to pay the players a little more, but not at crazy NFL prices.

BTW, Chad Kelly is too old for the NFL, he's 28 years old. Kelly has used up all his opportunities in the NFL. The CFL is his last chance to play pro football


I mean Josh Johnson is about to start an NFL game and he played in the UFL in 2010, wouldn't say Kelly is too old necessarily. With that said he's not an NFL starter but could crack 2nd or 3rd string somewhere I'm sure.

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Johnson will never start an NFL game. I saw JJ handling a ball on the sidelines as Purdy was leading the 49ers down the field. The UFL is a distance memory, LA.

Chad used up his NFL opportunities. The reason he last that long in the NFL was because he was Jim Kelly's nephew. If he was Bob Cageon from Trent University, his butt would've been long gone

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Hey, you have to know when it is over in pro sports, or it can get very ugly and embarrassing for player...Kelly is never going to be Jim.

JJ started 2 games last year throwing for 650 yards, 5 TD's and 2 interceptions. The guy will never be a true starting QB but he's made $8 million mostly holding a clipboard all these years, not too bad. I agree on Kelly however, his NFL career is done.

I have always wondered why the Argos do not play pre-season, exhibition or at least one regular season game at York University instead of Guelph or out East. It's in the market area and the suburbs where Argos fans are.

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They do have their preseason home game at Varsity from time to time.

Varsity could have been the one for the Argos instead of playing second banana to TFC.

York University is up north on Subway line at Keele and Steeles. Varsity is U of T downtown. Very different market.

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Chad already is up on ol' Uncle Jim by winning a league championship

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