Toronto dosen't care about the Argonauts

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Something is wrong with the attendance numbers you posted as the stated BC attendance doesn’t come close to the 61% stated.


That'll be the day when the Argos full that place it's just 25 000 seats and they can't and won't i'll have a heart attack if they did it once never mind a whole season 25 000 seats in a market with a huge population they won't do it because no one cares this thing has been dead with very few exceptions since the mid 1980's the majority see the CFL s as minor league and really it is only the NFL will do here

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Toronto should realize that the NFL ain't coming to Toronto and embrace the CFL as a good quality, domestic professional league. It starts with the Media to change it's take on the CFL. Bang the Drum for the league on all it's platforms and stop the hiring the likes of Arash Madani, Luke(I need a haircut) Wilson

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i agree that toronto doesn’t deserve the argos. the ownership group are a bunch of fools and i wish they’d sell.

Tdot doesn’t need an NFL team, they have the bills.

i’d say move the argos but where? unfortunately the league needs a 10th team (maritimes) not a moved 9th team and there aren’t enough adequate stadiums. it sucks.