Toronto dosen't care about the Argonauts

The first game was in a new stadium. It was an event so MLSE is purposely not filling the stadium, that’s a new one.

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The first game also was heavily papered I'm sure. Freebies work every once in a while, but overall not a sound business plan.

You missed the point on arenas completely . You don't think the larger stands are for minor hockey requirements .

You can also thank the one who in charge today who prints money and is actually going after dentist payments OVER emergency care .

The meagre funds for sports is not an issue compared to the guy printing money for unnecessary measures like the freakin app that is basically useless .

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With that I also see you agreed with the comment above so you and Toronto 1 agree that MLSE used it's influence to make sure the new stadium was filled .

That is the point .

They are all events .

The Grey Cup that year which was a much bigger event had the same headliner who filled BC Place this year One Republic .

MLSE failed that first year big time .

It’s a one off event. If it wasn’t then they would be getting 25000 fans every game.Sometimes it’s hard to admit that there is very little demand for a product. The consumer always decides what they want. MLSE doesn’t stop people from going to games , and the can’t force people to go.

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Oh I get that and I agree with lot's of what you say ... I don't think your wrong on lot's of what you say .

but I also know if they wanted to fill that place they could with incentives and a huge influence they worked hard when the Raptors looked like a lost cause and may go with the way of the Grizzlies .

I think you let MLSE off the hook too easy .

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No I’ve been a season ticket holder for decades. I’m tired of people pointing the finger constantly at ownership. The fans begged to move to BMO, the fans begged for new owners, the fans begged for new manager and coaches and the fans begged for more weekend games. MLSE did everything the fans wanted, when does the responsibility fall on the fans.TFC doesn’t advertise anymore than the Argos, but they have no problem getting fans to come out on a Wednesday night. I’m not a soccer fan , but I have to applaud the soccer fans for supporting the team. The consumer has spoken.No more, If I wanted to go to a soccer game it would take me 2min on my phone to find out.I am no longer letting the fans off the hook.In today’s world it is so easy to find out when they play.


I can tell you I see TFC ads and MLS ads on YouTube all the time with their partners ..... Pringles for instance ...

and they suppourt the branding .....

and I don't watch any MLS or TFC to warrant the algorithm ads .....

I have seen zero CFL ads on YouTube . I watch tons of CFL and U sports football on it .

Yet I see

zero Toronto Argos co branding ...

and I am a huge Youtube guy .

Men in general and younger men watch it .... in huge numbers .

Yet ZIP ZERO ads compared to TFC (MLS) , MLB , NFL and NBA .

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I have seen ass , in fact my friends who don’t watch CFL always tell me when they see ads on the Argos. My god they’ve been to my daughters school TWICE. When we played flag football they were there advertising and a couple of players were there.Iveseen bus ads. I’ve seen them at charity’s.,
But let’s continue to point the finger at the owners.It’s owner after owner, there the reason.


That should be ads. Sorry

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It's okay I seen some ass too . :slightly_smiling_face:

And the CFL has little demand especially in T.O. With the Leafs, Raptors, Jays and even their Soccer team all in the bigs and Vancouvers Canucks and White Caps the same. Then you have a plethora of fans in southern Ontario going to Bill's games and over 5,000 low BC mainlanders having Seahawks season tickets.. plus busses of single game visitors you have to admit that those cities consider themselves major league, don't care about a B grade league. All the promotion in the world won't change that. I came from Mb, Bomber and Jets Ville (sic) ti the Okanagan three years ago. The sports on both Van and Kelowna TV cover the Caps and Canucks like a blanket whereas the Lions only get mentioned in game day. Rourke got some decent attention as an all Canadian QB. Now were back to an American like the other 8 teams .. back to game day only coverage.
Now were back

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I have been an ass a time or two :slight_smile:


Like I said before unfortunately the city has outgrown the CFL

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The CFL should embrace the CFL because the NFL will never come to Toronto. If the league moves the Argos to London or Halifax, look for the City to cry for a CFL team.

Take a toy from a spoiled child, expect them to cry to wanting it back then change their behavior in playing with the toy with a better outlook

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The first way was better :smile:

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I think it'd probably also be more effective in capturing the attention in the marketplace.

I had to make thar crack. Crappy though it may have been. :innocent: