Toronto dosen't care about the Argonauts

Yes i remember the 35 - 50 000 crowds at the Ex but that was decades ago and if they get 20 000 paid attendance at BMO it can't be for one game it has to be consistent but it won't because the Argos brand as they say is badly damaged beyond repair it's basically dead

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That's not true.

The 2017 Blue Jays finished last in the AL East standings, and 2nd in the AL in attendance.

Too high ticket prices the promoters tried to take advantage of the Toronto sports fan believing we would pay inflated prices to see NFL football it backfired and these weren't our own team that makes a difference it will do very well here it is very popular here

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The Jays are averaging a very solid 32 000 this season and have generally done very well in attendance this is not an issue here

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Esky the Jays are averaging a solid 32 000 this season and have generally drawn very well this is not an issue here

Maybe. I mean they are the NFL, and they should be able to make a go of it. But I'll believe it when I see it. We've been hearing about the NFL to Toronto for decades, and it's not really any closer to reality.

When hardly anybody buys tickets to Bills games in Toronto, you can understand the NFL's hesitancy in going back. When they hold exhibition games in other non-NFL cities, they sell way better.


That is why the CFL needs US expansion. US based teams would appeal to the Toronto snobs then a Team from Saskatchewan or Hamilton. "Oh look Doris, Chicago is playing the Argos tonight, Fetch my cowbell. This is much better than paying against Saskatchewan. And I'm so bored with beating the Tabbies"

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Vlad is gone once his current deal is up. The Jays have to overpay for free agents to play here. See George Springer

That's because Rogers owns the Jays and promotes it heavily. While ignoring the CFL and other Canadian domestic leagues like the CBEL and CPL(How it can get away skirting CanCon rules from the CRTC is beyound me).The Argos/CFL doesn't get mentioned on it's Toronto radio stations

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If they ever removed the Jays from can con then Rogers cannot use it as a worthwhile cobranding .

It is so intertwined the

Toronto Rogers would be a more accurate name for the team .

They would drop them tomorrow . The same for the Raptors .

They create a national branding opportunity with the NBA and MLB that makes them the most return and valuation mark up .

Without that they are reduced to extremely high costs without the advertising auxiliary mark up to compensate the extra Can costs .

I have asked before and I will ask again


The Jays have no Canadians on it's roster,

Rogers use American commentators like Walker, Martinez for Baseball. The NFL Network host Brant for Football. Never hired Canadian Luke Wilson for it's NFL coverage, who went to TSN instead.

Rogers has stop being a wannabe American network and get behind some Canadian institutions like the CFL or people like myself will cut the cable. And Rogers will end up like Blockbuster

Leafs and Raptors have bottom bowl "business seats". Fresh faces every game. These tickets can still be hard to get rid of even if they are free. Everyone has been to the Rogers center so the novelty is not there. Ever notice how the bottom is empty sometimes. It's not young people buying season seats at either one of these teams.

MLS now has the very large immigrant numbers to help them. Latest census has over 60% English as a second language living in Toronto. That helps with that sport.

Jays will draw well if in a playoff hunt, otherwise the attendance will be on par with the Argos. I have been at Jays game before covid when I swear there were on 3 or 4 thousand on each side of the base line.

NFL has an advantage in this country, it doesn't have to sell itself on non prime time TV " or sell summer time games and doesn't have to have a pay per view audience like the CFL has to do. It is not apples to apples before any games are even played.
NFL sits pretty in Prime time Sundays over free TV. If young people do not pay $20/month for TSN/Cable then they aren't watching CFL. We are forced to buy in or not watch. Also CFL had to broadcast Sat afternoon! NFL doesn't. CFL is in the summer and the NFL is in the fall and winter when Canadians aren't outside doing summer things, they sit on their butt in the winter watching sports on Sunday - prime time. Also as it sits now NFL has the advantage of ZERO content rules on TV. They can do what ever they want with no issues, completely supported by Bell and Rogers. Want to know why? So they can push content with no production $ dollars. What other country would allow that to happen in their home country. Answer - None just us.

NFL really doesn't do anything in Canada, they aren't doing food drives, they don't support Usports or our Universities, high school football, they don't help youth sports, don't get out to any events, they don't contribute to Canadian charities - nothing- NFL doesn't really have any respect for so many things in this country.

Toronto is a city without a soul, it shows us everyday, or trys to show us something - it does that by embracing US sports or US entertainment. A US league, with US coaches, and US players, headquartered in the US supported in Canada by US TV money. Now that's Toronto's ticket, that's what a Canadian city without a soul does. If you want to see the heart of a Canadian city you don't go to Toronto. That's my take on the ass that started the thread


Would Toronto embrace the Argos if they knew for sure the death of the CFL would not bring an NFL Team to Toronto. And nothing would ever bring am NFL team to Toronto?

It's the hubris of Toronto to think they are "too big to ignore" as you suggest. Well, let me tell you, no one cares about Toronto outside of Canada and Toronto has a problem with its own self-esteem in that it can't feel good about itself without acknowledgement from the US.

Shouldn't we rid ourselves of that way of thinking and embrace great entertainment for what it is?

It's a good time with only 10000 fans at BMO. Imagine what it'd be like with a full house.

That's what I'd shoot for more than the unicorn of having a Toronto NFL team.


I'd take that bet. They lock Vlad up.
Has nothing to do with their attendance though.

The NFL would do well anywhere. That's not the point. You can want something all you want but that doesn't mean you're going to get it. Reality eventually comes a callin'.


Why do you think the NFL would come here especially when all the Toronto NFL fans flock to Buffalo like a pilgrimage anyways. They have their milk. They don't need to buy the cow.

The NFL is looking much further than locations like Toronto that have already bought in. They're looking to Europe/UK and Mexico.

Time to wake up, 'cause you seem to be dreaming.


I believe total playroll for the Jays is somewhere around 180 m US and I cannot give an accurate number in other costs but let's say 25 to 30 million more in stadium(s) , travel ,etc etc .. it could be more or even less depending on ongoing infrastructure costs .

The skydome is bleeding money .

they make about 230 million in total revenue .

Baseball for getting an accurate profit would seem low for the Jays they make for the money in return

but with exposure and content to their multi media corporation they also increase with the new money today in tying your product up with sports league ( team ) and entire country to themselves in branding MLB .

The value comes from selling cell phone deals .

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Screw that and anyone who wants it

You're on. His dad left the Expos. Senior is going to tell his son to do the same

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