Toronto doesn't want an NFL team

Interesting read in today's Toronto Star.

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NFL team gets chilly reception
50 per cent against Toronto franchise
Lack of interest in league sky-high
Nov. 10, 2006. 06:15 AM

With talk of Toronto pursuing a NFL franchise, it looks like the appetite for four-down football is much smaller than is widely believed — 50 per cent of GTA residents say they oppose bringing a team here.

According to a Toronto Star-Decima Research poll conducted late last month, 76 per cent of respondents said they had no interest at all in the NFL, the highest figure for any of the sports involved in the survey. The NBA was the next worst in that regard with 74 per cent expressing no interest in the league, while the NHL proved the most popular with 46 per cent saying they were either a hard core fan or liked the game.

Another surprise regarding potential NFL support is revealed in the breakdown of the demographics. In the age group that is thought to be widely in favour of bringing a team here (18-34), the number that oppose such a move is 50 per cent. As well, the men polled voted 42 per cent against it, and even those who described themselves as typical NFL fans were 40 per cent opposed to bringing a team here.

Bruce Anderson, CEO for Decima Research, said the research shows that the economics of an NFL team could be very challenging, depending on whether more passion for the NFL product would grow once a team came here.

"I was taken aback a little bit by the response to the idea of an NFL team, because I think historically the idea of an NFL team coming to Canada has always been one of those things where people say, `Wouldn't it be a mark of respect for Canada in some ways,'" said Anderson. "It looks like Canadians are decidedly more lukewarm about the idea and, presumably, from a number of standpoints.

"It's surprising to me in a way that that many men opposed the idea of an NFL team. I was a little surprised that the 18-34 age group wasn't more passionate about this idea. Just given who normally gets really pumped about professional sports, you'd expect that young group to be even more passionate than they were."

Anderson said it would be wrong to conclude the reaction stems from people's passion for the CFL, although he adds that it's "probably some of what's contributing to this tepid response."

He believes the overriding reason for people's reluctance to embrace the NFL is because of what it represents at a time when anti-American feelings are running high.

"There seems to be some push-back here and I think that probably has something to do with the idea that it's a decidedly American game and there are some people who are big fans of the United States and there are others who are not sure that American icons are the thing they want to embrace."

The study was conducted online with 748 GTA residents using Decima's eVox panel. Results from a sample of that size are considered accurate to within +/-3.6 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The Raptors' uphill battle to carve out their place in the Toronto sports market is reflected in the statistics, as only 3 per cent of those polled consider themselves a hard core basketball fan. Pro tennis recorded the same percentage of hard core fans and even edged the Raptors in percentage of fans who said they liked the sport by 5 per cent, 28 to 23. Hockey had the highest percentage of hard core fans with 15 per cent, compared to 8 per cent for baseball.

The Blue Jays rated a better community image than the Raptors with 54 per cent stating Toronto's baseball franchise ranked in the excellent to very good category compared to 43 per cent in that regard for the Raptors. The Leafs led everyone with 68 per cent.

The enduring appeal of the Leafs was reflected throughout the survey and the future looks bright. Among those under 35, one in three say they are hard core fans. Among those Torontonians who have a favourite hockey team, 82 per cent say it's the Leafs, while 7 per cent cheer for the Canadiens and 3 per cent support the Senators.

"Despite not having won a championship in many years, their image in the community is almost universally positive," said Anderson.

Guess there is some sense in the "Centre of the Universe" after all.

Sense there? Well maybe a tad with the NFL getting lower ratings than I would have thought but the Leafs getting so high of ratings? They should be voting for a real hockey team Les Habitants!!! :thup:

There may be interest for the Argos. But apart from them, there is little interest for the CFL in general. I notice more people at school talking NFL than CFL, although the Argos are occaisionally a subject of conversation. Its too bad that the Argos are getting these great ratings and yet there are so few people at the stadium.

I only know 1 kid who hates the CFL through and through, and he has never seen a game in his life. People like that should be hanged by their feet and have their limbs shot, one by one.

'Toronto doesn't want an nfl team' is based on what? An online poll of 750 gta residents? I guess 100% of the country is against free health care also because I asked 3 people and they all said they were against it. was not an online poll?

It was a scientific poll done by a very reputable company.
The same kind of thing they use in elections, which are surprisingly accurate.

Any truth to the rumours that Paul Godfrey and Argos Bill were standing on a bridge rail ready to jump after reading the results? :wink: :wink:

I wonder Godfrey's reaction. What a loser.

I can't beleive the article says there could be some anti U.S political reasons for not wanting an NFL team in Toronto.
It's like they can't fathom that maybe people here think the CFL is a better game.

I don't find the article that suprising. Sure kids here like the NFL but amongst my age group the CFL certainly has momentumn. So much so that a friend of mine just said to me the other day that he's tired of all the Ricky Williams interviews lately! imagine that! All Dj's on the FAN are talking CFL, including NBA lover Chuck Swirsky, Stormin norman, and of course Bob McCown.

This scientific poll isn't surprising. Lets hope this shuts up those loud mouths in the media who try to tell us differently.

Too bad they didn't bother to include the Argos in this survey. I bet they would be challenging the Blue jays for number two. Of course well behind the Leafs.

But whats funny is Paul Godfrey was confident he could sell 80,000 season tickets for his NFL franchise. And get this, charge a 10,000 dollar license fee for each seat that would go towards a new stadium! Is this guy a whacko case or what?

Paul is what he is - a entrepeneur marketer of events. In his nature to always see big numbers for events. He just dislikes the Argos and the CFL because they play during similar seasons with the Blue Jays and he doesn't like anything taking away from Blue Jay numbers so he will say "I'm an NFL guy" etc. "the NFL is coming to Toronto" etc. just to get any hype away from the Argos/CFL, the competition. Just the business world. He couldn't care less about anything else other than money, which is his right. Dog eat dog world out there.

It's a lousy poll if it doesn't include the CFL.

Agree HW, I found the same thing in reading the morning Star, which by the way has covered the Argos and the CFL in an unbelievable manner the past month, as bogus.
Why not include the CFL or was the pollster afraid of the results?

Haven't we been saying this all a long? :thup:

WHERE IS Argos_Bill? :lol:

Excellent and THANKS! :thup:

Deneil is an ugly thing. :lol:

The NFL 3 ex-games also bombed in TORONTO , that is why the NFL hasn't come back to TORONTO in 10 years. :thup:

BUT they still go to TOKYO every here.Surly Toronto is cheaper to go to than TOKYO is. :lol:

The NFL also looks at the low T.V. ratings for the NFL in TORONTO.

This poll just confirms what we already knew. :thup:

Those are the facts.SORRY!

The huge ARGO T.V. ratings say something else as do the low NFL ratings and the 2 STAR articles posted here. :thup:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That was a really stupid comment [not yours] , and I agree with what you wrote :thup:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

A poll of 750 in one city will be very accurate (with only a 3.6% error ratio). Most national surveys only poll 1000 people across Canada and can almost exactly predict election outcomes, for instance.

Perhaps they omitted the Argos so the poll would not be a "us vs them" against the NFL and force people to choose one or the other. The NFL support would of even been much lower if the Argos were included.

Here's a possibility for ArgosBills also known as Paul Godfrey? Here's to ya, Paulie. You're still an idiot. But I'm sure somebody loves you. Then again......... :twisted: