Toronto Defense Boasting?

Some pretty strong boasting here from a team giving up a league worst 160+ yards/game on the ground.

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I loved the last line from Ball: I don’t think anybody in this league can just line up and come at us,"

LOL, BC and Sask already have :lol:

Lol. Ball's a funny guy.
Argo's D has looked very poor so far this year.

So have the Cats(39-34) yes we lost(was at the game with my son)but still should have won,and did put up 34 on the ArgoSnots. Trust me,i've been saying all along how them winning the Cup was a massive fluke.They are not that good and are by far the most "OVER-RATED" Team in the league,they'll be lucky to get to .500 this season and will finish in 3rd or 4th in the east!!!

what is there to boast about? they gave up 200 yards in rushing to the RIders and another 250+ in the air..

nothing to boast about here.

I'm guessing those D stats improve significantly after a show down with the Bombers "offense".

Preemptive boasting perhaps. :smiley:

I don't know about a is essentially a different D than last season. who do they have as starters from last is basically all new, with the exception of the LBs:


  • Lee (who was not a starter)


  • Isaac
  • Ball
  • McCune


  • Carter

Not sure if I am missing anyone, but 5 of 12 starters (really 4 of 12) returning is a big change...not sure how one can equate struggles this season to the D of 2012.

all of that said, yes, the Cats put up good numbers...the Cats D is unfortunately not much better than 2012 at this time.

if Buck stays healthy, who knows what he will be doing with 5 or 6 games and counting. In my eyes, he can only really be judged after 5 or 6 games. If the OL doesn't improve, things are unlikely to get a pile better for him. If they can get people biting on the run or the OL steps up, they could be a solid O. He has the accuracy if he has the time.

Agreed, they have no reason to boast as the stats clearly show the worst in the league.
The D line is horrible while the backs are playing way too soft allowing more than the usual underneath routes.
It is because of this that makes me uneasy tomorrow and gives the BB at least a break even chance of winning.

See that shot of Jones last week with his jaw on the sideline saying "WOW" as the Riders beat them on a long TD. That says it all.

I never liked his scheme of bending but not breaking, not playing aggressive and actually allowing way too much underneath coverage.

wait until Hall's D is in a close will see Rider fans screaming the same.

Worked for Stubler so everyone thinks they can do it.

mya favorite defense was the dons designed defenses.

Gary Etcheverry's "Okay guys...go cover and stuff...oh, and try to hit the QB"
For a minimalistic came plan, he was pretty effective.