Toronto Defence Is Falling Apart

Are the Bombers really down and out though?

2 - 2 last four games, putting up over 400 yards of offence each game, if not for turnovers being their undoing, 4 - 0 is more than likely.

And mathematically we can still get 2nd place in the East.

Ego Jones is playing 8 and 9 guys throughout the DLine every game. How many more "changes" do you need? A 12 man DLine rotation?

Terrible scheme is the problem. You can't have your DLine trying to help the secondary by dropping into coverage or chipping receivers and expect them to generate any kind of pressure or be able to stop the run. Out of position LBs doesn't help either. Take a look at the film and watch how many times Toronto brings Ball and Issac off the edges on blitzes - - that leaves the middle WIDE OPEN if there's a run play.

DLine is a position where you crack heads and physically beat the man across from you. The cute little X and O schemes that Ego Jones loves to draw up do not work in the trenches. Anybody who would call for Ron Flemons or Arman Armstead to drop into coverage instead of rushing the QB has no clue of what he's doing.

How so? I was trying to figure that out but...

If we win out and the Aggros lose theirs, we end up tied at 7-11, and they won the season series 2-1. Us winning out means beating Hamilton so they do no better than 6-12.

I know you're never wrong Blue Blood so please explain it to me. I see how we can make the playoffs but not 2nd place.

It's explained here. In a three way tie the tiebreaker is the record against the other two teams, and Winnipeg would win that.

That doesn't seem to be possible now though, since Hamilton had to win against Calgary for all three teams to finish 7-11. In just a Winnipeg/Toronto tie situation, Toronto wins. So the best they can do now is third.

Right, thanks. I didn't notice Blue Blood wrote before last night's game.

Aaron Hunt had some very interesting comments on the Argo defensive struggles via Twitter:

I wonder why the players in Toronto would feel they can't make suggestions to the coaches?

Maybe they're worried they'll be benched for five weeks in favour of a rookie who can't defend the pass and doesn't want to tackle....or sent home in favour of a bunch of guys off the scrap heap who can't block....or released in favour of a guy who hasn't played for two years.

Anwar Stewart with 3 sacks against BC - - maybe Toronto should have added him instead of Belli. Oh wait, I forgot Ego Jones doesn't want his DLine getting sacks.

you need to calm down and become a leafs fan :wink:

Stewart finishes with 4 sacks on the night - - the entire Toronto team has has four sacks in the past six weeks combined.