Toronto Defence Is Falling Apart

Then I suspect you are one of the (very) few.

I blame the Bombers. Had they not fired Reinebold, we wouldn't have been able to hire him :smiley:

Any time the als put themselves in position to score, they'd turn the ball over. If they'd only capitalized on one of them, they'd have won.
But, i guess that was the fault of the alouette defence.
Calvillo threw a pick in the endzone, and again with 40 secs left in the game...defence's fault for sure.

You know squat about our team, that's clear from your comments. But keep running your mouth. It's very amusing.

To be fair, d&p, he does make a valid point. If Lavoie doesn't fumble and the Bombers recover, we might very well have put up 7 points. As well, had AC not been picked in the endzone by Sears, there's another potential 7 points. Either of those, all other things being equal, we win the game as we only lost by 5.

Now I do agree that our defence in the main cost us the game, but he does have a point regarding the turnovers.

As for the argos, i'd blame special teams. And jackson's inaccuracies.

Opening kickoff, allow the riders to instantly get to the redzone. Defence held them to 3.
Riggs fumbles the ball shortly after, giving the riders a short field, but the D holds them to 0 points.
Riders get a 3rd down play because the coaches sent special teams on the field instead of the defence. Spot should have been challenged but wasn't. Defence comes up with a stop anyway, limiting the riders to a FG.

He argos special teams got flagged every time they were on the field.
The defence spent most of the game on the field. Obviously they would eventually tire and give up big plays.

As for D&P's comments: try watching the game before shooting off at the mouth.
The defence did allow the bombers to score more points than expected, but the als' offence didn't get the points where they could and ultimately was the difference.
Heck, even had the als gotten field goals when in the red zone, they'd have won. Instead, they turned the ball over and walked away with no points at all.

Much of the ST problems were the direct result of the insane decision to use a backup LB for punting.

Cover teams are used to getting downfield to cover 45 to 50yd punts - - not 30yd shanks. Nobody expects the ball to drop beside them when they're only halfway downfield on their normal coverage route.

Remple took a 15yd no yards call - - the punt went for 32yds.

Boulay took a 15yd no yards call - - the punt went for 30yds.

Add in the 10yd penalty for an illegal punt out of bounds - - on a punt that went for 32yds - - and it's easy to see how Saskatchewan dominated the field position battle.

What happened to the bartender who was "Kicker for a Day" with the Argos a few weeks ago - - was he not available or did he have a shift to work that he couldn't get out of?

Bitter Area 51. . . is there anything at all about the current Argos, management, coaching staff, player roster, etc., that you actually like ?

He likes them not being Winnipeg.

But really, this season’s been hard on almost everybody. Winnipeg, Hamilton and Toronto should all have been better than they are. Edmonton went into a tailspin after a good start. Sasky went through quite a rough patch. Your Als forum is full of angst these days. There’s lots to be frustrated about if you’re so inclined. If parity means mediocrity all round, it’s a mixed blessing.

With no real dominant team in the East this year, it's the perfect opportunity for Toronto to represent in the Grey Cup. Obviously there's some holes that should have been filled long ago, but there's way more talent in Toronto than their record indicates.

The Argos are sabotaging their chance for a ring with bad personnel decisions and poor schemes. There's nothing worse than when coaches and management put their egos and personal agendas ahead of team success. That's the real crux of the problems in Toronto and the base of my frustration with the team.

In a game Toronto had to have, the worst offence in the league - - without it's two best receivers - - just hung 44 points on Ego Jones. Anybody starting to wonder if the little dictator and his control freak schemes are a bit of a fraud?

2011 Toronto Defence Season Totals
Points Allowed Per Game: 27.7
Opposing QB Sacks Per Game: 1.6
Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game: 136

2012 Toronto Defence Weeks 9 Through 17
Points Allowed Per Game: 29.9
Opposing QB Sacks Per Game: 1.0
Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game: 135

Over the second half of the season Ego Jones is actually WORSE than the embarassment of Chip Garbage and Weasel Steinhauer last season.

Ego Jones could never get away with his BS when he had an experienced HC like Hufnagel or Don Matthews keeping him in check. But with a rookie like Milanovich who has no clue about what's going on with the defence, Ego Jones is allowed to run around like a mad little scientist drawing up X's and O's that are a complete fail.

....your use of supposedly funny names for people in the league is growing was never funny and is very childish at this point...just thought you should know...

Ego Jones? That’s not intended to be “funny”, that’s calling it like it is. After seeing his act for four years in Calgary, you should know all about it. How’s the Stampeeder defence surviving without him?

Area 51, Winnipeg 2 best receivers were not out of the line-up. Chris Matthews is the Bombers leading receiver and he played.

Do you think he's related to Nasty Nate?

BTW, like your new signature. :lol:

Thanks - - I'm not sure how many other Bomber fans do, but I'm glad you can appreciate it.

Aside from the semantics regarding the pecking order of Winnipeg's receiving corp, without Edwards & Watson there's no excuse for not being prepared for such a heavy dose of the running plays.

Toronto won't pressure the QB and when they can't stop the run , embarassments like this are what happens.

Sorry I wasn't clearer. I was referring to the signature of RedandWhite who I had quoted. Your signature is hardly new.

And it was never funny, just mean-spirited.

Not so sure I'd call it childish.

But tiresome, certainly.

I was at the dome yesterday and the defense was worse than horrid.
When a down and out Winnipeg team scores 44 points against you and runs at will, well then Chris Jones neck has to be on the line at the end of the year.

Nope they just need to make some changes to their Dline and maybe linebackers.