Toronto Defence Is Falling Apart

The 2011 Argo defence was about as pathetic as it gets. The DC combination of Chip Garbage and Weasel Steinhauer was a complete disaster. Couldn't stop the run...couldn't pressure the QB...couldn't keep the opposition out of the end zone. The 2012 Argo defence has been struggling with the same problems over the past five games. In fact, it's actually been WORSE.

2011 Toronto Defence Season Totals
Points Allowed Per Game: 27.7
Opposing QB Sacks Per Game: 1.6
Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game: 136

2012 Toronto Defence Weeks 9 Through 13
Points Allowed Per Game: 29.2
Opposing QB Sacks Per Game: 1.0
Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game: 129

Goes back to what I've always said - - if you can't stop the run and can't get to the QB, you're going to struggle. Toronto is 2-3 since the defence started falling apart, and if not for a few gifts from Smiling Hank they could easily have been 1-4 or even 0-5.

Apparently the Little Egomaniac Chris Jones is willing to sacrifice the team for his own power trip. Continues to play his undersized DB friends at LB...refuses to let the DLine pass rush...insists on playing inferior personnel.

Let's see what happens this week in Winnipeg. Toronto defence should dominate the league's worst offence - - unless Jones lets his ego sabotage things again.

This is a danger game against the Bombers. I don't like Toronto's chances at all. My guess is the apologists will use Jarious Jackson and the return of Buck Pierce as excuses, and avoid acknowledging the real problems of this Argo team.

Considering the amount of changes and the funds moved from the defense to the offense this year. They've done a good job. Give Chris Jones two years and that defense will be formidable. They started getting younger this year and hopefuly next year they can replace weak links like Foley and a couple others and they will be up with the best defenses in the league.

if you are arguing that we should get rid of chris jones i think you have finally truly lost your mind.

Will Jones be willing to get rid of the “weak links” and put his best players on the field? Sure doesn’t look like it based on this year. Because if he was, Brandon Issac would not be playing LB…David Lee would be on the PR…Ahmad Carroll would not be benched…EJ Kuale would never line up as a DE…Ron Flemons would not be benched.

Get rid of the guy who’s defence is now performing up to the standards established by Chip Garbage and Weasel Steinhauer? Of course not. Just need to rein him in a bit and take the ego out of his decision making.

Great Coaches don’t care about what a player has done or specific ability. They want players who are invested, willing to apply what is being asked. Jones is that kind of a coach. The flip side are guys like Lapolice and Cortez and looks where it gets them.

Specific ability isn't important? That's going too far. It's great when a coach molds his scheme to suit the personnel and not the other way around, but at the end of the day, if you're sitting a talented player to play a less talented player, you're not using your personnel properly.

Are you trying to say that a player’s talent and ability isn’t as important as being a bag lick? I would completely agree that Chris Jones is “that kind of coach”.

I’ll esplain. Even if a player does “something” better does not make him all around “the better player” especialy on a tiny CFL roster. If a coach thinks by season’s end a player with less experience will bring more to the table a guy like Jones will work with him. These guys are building a team in Toronto. For the first time in over a decade. Not to mention they are substantialy better than they were last year where these same “better players” could not get it done. So …

I agree to some extent, but we can still question the specific decisions of the coach even if we agree with the overall philosophy. That said, yes, they’re a better team already than they were last year, so really, if I were an Argo fan, I’d just let Jones go about his business and wait to see what this defense looks like at season’s end and next year before judging. A .500 record with 2/3 of the season in the books is definitely an improvement for the Argos.

Not to mention that their six losses, they weren't blown out. all losses by 4 to 9 points with the exception of the last game where Ray went down in the first quarter and they could no longer sustain drives. Jones Defense had them in EVERY game...

In 4 of 5 recent weeks, Toronto has played top offenses which tend to make defenses look bad. But so far, Toronto’s 2012 defense has outperformed 2011 defense in average points and yards against. However offense has been as mediocre as the defense.

At any rate, with Ray out or not close to 100 percent and with the defence as you say not very good, the Argos are toast (not as much toast as the Cats in all probability, I know don't say it) and won't stand a chance agains't Montreal especially if it works out that way in the playoffs.

So much for the conspiracy theorists that the Argos are a shoe-in for the 100th GC because it's in Toronto and the league trying to get them there.

. . . and such a conspiracy theory makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The league wants Toronto in the Grey Cup because they’re the host city? I doubt it; there’s more money to be made if both teams are visiting teams. When you have both teams and their fans coming in from another city, there’s more money to be made by hotels, restaurants, etc., than when one team and their fans are already there. Argo fans in Toronto don’t need to book hotel rooms; nor do the Argos themselves. Money’s always the name of the game, and there’s more to be made in the host city when both teams and their supporters are visitors.

I think the conspiracy had more to do with making Toronto a good team so they would get more fans and therefore increase their presence in Toronto and become a model franchise. Them getting to the Grey Cup was more about them being seen as “the team” (like when they got Flutie back in 1996) as opposed to any financial benefits from this specific Grey Cup.

As I was saying, If you can't get to the QB and you can't stop the run, you're going to struggle. Argo defence gets dominated again - - this week by Saskatchewan.

Look at two big plays given up today:

Sheets goes straight up the middle for a 50yd TD run.
What happened? David Lee and EJ Kuale lined up at DE. Looks like Ego Jones called one of his beloved stunts with Kuale and Kevin Huntley, except Kuale didn't come underneath and they both ended up outside the LT with the middle wide open. "LB" Brandon Issac made a one armed wave in an attempt to bring down Sheets, and other than that it was untouched to the end zone.

Dressler is wide open for a 75yd TD catch.
What happened? Ego Jones goes back to his old favourite - - the three man rush. Ricky Foley and Ron Flemons got around the edge, but Huntley was being TRIPLE TEAMED inside and Armand Armstead had been DROPPED INTO COVERAGE. Naturally Durant steps up in the pocket to avoid the rush and then gets a throw off with zero pressure. It was painful to watch MLB Bobby McCune try to chase the play down. WTF is Ego Jones dropping his DT into coverage for?

Forget about the X's and O's and waving in all your cute little schemes from the sideline. Let the DLine rush. Four man pass rush leaves man coverage with at least two safties over the top. If eight guys can't cover five receivers then either Weasel Steinhauer or some of the secondary needs to go.

I'll see your Argo defense and raise you a Ticat defense. HA!

The sad thing is Argo fans seem to think this defence is amazing and Ego Jones is the most brilliant coaching mind in football history.

At least Hamilton fan can acknowledge the TiCat defence is pathetic and their DC has his head up his arse.

Argos only hope is that Winnipeg is stupid/desperate enough and Ego Jones finally gets a head coaching job in Winnipeg next year.

Just be glad you don't have Montreal's 'defense'. At least Toronto lost to a veteran QB. We just got torched by a guy making his first start ever against us -- we made him look like the second coming of Doug Flutie.

I'm pretty sure montreal's loss can be chalked up to the many turnovers the offence had, as well as special teams.
I wouldn't blame the defence.