Toronto coaching boo boo

Some fans have been screaming about Cortez's decisions though he clearly has been let down by his assistant coaches in the spotter's box as well as by his DC. However, how do you rationalize the decision of Milanovich to go for it all on third down, when down by 9 points, when he had a sure field goal, and then enough time to stop Edmonton or go onside, to get the ball for the game winning TD. You can tell by the look on his face that as soon as he made the decision to go for the score, he knew he messed up big, and he did it all on his own.

Tough job, this coaching, you are a genius when it works, and a bum when it doesn't.

By the way, I hope Creehan was watching, he would see what varied and disguised defensive pressure including LB blitzes can do to Ray and the Toronto offence.

It is one thing for Creehan to see creative defences; but another to understand them and apply them to our talent