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YOUTOLDUSSOWHAT?- ARGS&%!@ :stuck_out_tongue:

The Argos need to go to a four man defensive front on first down at least, if they're going to have a chance agaist Montreal or Winnipeg.

But how could you do that if you haven't played a 4-3 for at least three years? Which of the 4 LBs would you sit down?

The Argos run D isn't the issue. The defense as designed does not give up points. It's up to the offense to get off their butts and start producing.

I would start Brown, Cantor, English and Johnson as the front four on 1st downs. with Fletcher, O'Shea and Eiben at LB. I think Mr. Roberts would fine the running a little difficult and that front four could put a pretty good pass rush on Glenn if the Bombers tried to pass on 1st down. 2nd down bring in Bonner or Winters and take out Cantor or Johnson.
Arm chair QBing is all so simple. :slight_smile:

It's an interesting concept DoubleBlue. My concerns are:(a) Bonner is a talent wasted on the bench for half the game; (b) Brown, England, and Johnson are all DEs, and to move one inside to DT might not be workable; (c) to go to a 4-3 when your team hasn't played or practiced for at least 3 years looks risky to me.

It's even more simple to be a devil's advocate to an armchair QB :smiley:

England is 6'03 270 so he's big enough to play inside...Johnson has turned into a good pass rushing end and Bonner has lost a step IMO besides playing with a cast on his left wrist...but you could still bring Bonner in on 2nd and long.
If these guys were rookies it might be difficult to change, but these guys have all played the 4-3 before in their careers and is probably what they cut their teeth on.