Toronto @ Calgary

Another East vs West. :lol:

I wish Edmonton could've faced this defence last week. 7-3 Toronto, and Ray made it look easy.

One drive doesn't make a game. I hope it stays close and its well played, not the usual sloppy mess, but I still don't see the Argos winning with that mess of a defense they have.

14-3 already. I'm starting to wonder if I'm in Bizarro World.

Argo O has decidedly slowed. If they don't get a run game going they won't win.

22-3. Anyone else get the sense that Calgary doesn't care? I don't see any sense of urgency or...anything.

I rarely see pancakes this flat. . .

They better start to care, they're only 3 games ahead of 5th place and out of the playoffs.

29-3. This game is over. Not sure why Calgary even showed up. :expressionless:

does Calgary even have anyone in the

Lewis and Cornish seem to be the only Stamps fired up.

I know the Argos have had the Stamps number more so than any other team in recent years...but wow.

The tension relief of stable practice facilities and getting a few keys players healthy seem to be doing wonders for the Argos.

Not buying that at all. The Stamps D has looked horrible (Argos were so open on the last TD no one else on the field was in the cameras picture. Argo D is the same D they've had all year and no way that dysfunctional Jeykll and Hyde unit plays 60 minutes like that. I expect the tables to turn completely in the second half.

There's the Argo D we know and love. One block, the rest was Cornish just running past Argo defenders who couldn't catch a snail if you gave them a head start.

Love the exaggerated celebration in the endzone. I guess no one told the Stamps they're still down three scores. :roll:

With a team that is possibly the only professional calibre team in the entire country, you would think Calgary would have more then the 20k that showed up to this game... After Toronto, I'd say that Calgary has the biggest need for a new stadium... If you just glanced at the crowd and seen red seats, you would think that this was a TFC game the crowd is so sparse

If the Argos don't establish a running game in the 2nd half yet continue to dominate the game then Hufnagel should shoulder the blame for the loss. The Argos won't run so they should be rushing almost every play.

Stamps just need to keep the O on the field and that Toronto D will implode.

yup...that is one of those things that pisses off the other team just enough to keep them on the edge without going over.

If I am on the Argo's D and I get a turnover in this game I pull a Terrel Owens at center field and point right at him...and yes I am totally willing to take the taunting/unsportsmanlike-like on it.

What kind of tackle was that????????

the Stamps have averaged over 28k per game. This is bad?