Toronto @ Calgary

Since no one wants to start a new thread... :lol:


Owens with a nice catch there

Boyd hasn't been asserting himself a usual so far...

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And don't complain if it's not HD, as it's free!

I found an HD thread, but it is from some hacker type so I am not using that one.

This is the ESPN 3 feed, so you miss the commercials on TSN and get annoying ones from ESPN.

Yahoo a new thread staring Cleo Lemon :rockin: ; QB for the Toronto Argonauts.

That was a weird bounce. :o

TO's got a good chance of winning this one

pitted head to head against satan

Thanks for the link.


Lemon's lookin good

there we go a nice little run by boyd!


Yeahhh Touchdown nice throw, nice catch!

lol @ Boyd hurdling over the line of scrimmage. :lol: Followed by a nice TD. Go Argos! :thup:

Indeed so far, T.D. Toronto leading 7-5

Nice to see TO establish the run, especially when the Stamps are expecting just that.

What a throw and catch! :rockin:

I have spent more time defending Lemon on this forum than I think anyone else on there including even Argos fans who in majority just hate the guy! :lol:

That last series is how the Argos' offence is supposed to run! Did you notice all that play-action misdirection off the snap? High credit to Jim Barker for sure.

Fundamentally as just like last season, Burris does much of the same with misdirection off the snap but has a better corps of teammates to boot.

I sure hope this matchup tonight makes up for that awful second half in that last game. :slight_smile:

wow. toronto's defence keeping them in this one.
statistically, all stamps, yet 7-5 argos.

Lets go defense!
(and calgary, for all these penalties :smiley: )

the Stamps are definately head hunting Owens...

Owens needs to play it a little smarter....if he stepped out htere, he probably still gets the late hit.