Toronto @ Calgary TONIGHT!

I think it’s going to be one hell of a game; and Williams will be playing a bit.

What are your predictions?

calgary 28
toronto 14

toronto 20
calgary 16

just because calgary lost to both hamilton and edmonton.

Argos 25
Stamps 20

For those listening on the internet, the game will be on CHML 900 AM instead of 640.

We got our butts kicked by a very good team.

Montreal kicked our butts and then we returned the favour.

We have the rematch next week at the dome.

That was the first time in a game that the ARGOS had all of their starters. It will take some time to gell as a team. Hopefully not too long.

The ARGOS have to throw the ball down field more , but RICKY looks like he is getting the CFL game a little more.

I never expected the Argos to win but I did think I would be closer. Its the same story, the offence can't get into the endzone. So frustrating to watch. They did control the ball nice but I think they need a extra down to be successfull with that gameplan. Do the Argos want to be in the NFL too? I guess Toronto got their NFL fix with all the run run, screen, dump, run, run.

re-argoz- The ricky affect hit the ticats big time, whole team mindset at beginning of season was fixated on stopping ricky, and CFL offence lines started too many fat guys .imo this has naturaly been purged by the reality of superior 3 down football :thup: