Toronto @ Calgary game thread

Kickoff in 5-10 min.

I hope the stamps tromp the blue team.

I think that's what happened the last two times these teams played each other in Calgary.

I understand that both teams looked sloppy last week, I think both teams will look much better tonight. But I predict the Stamps will win.

my guess is that the stamps are a lot more hungry and if they get off to a good start they may just take the blue team to school tonight.

Let's hope so..

calgary uniforms look a bit like the 49ers. don't like toronto's.. the A on the helmet is worse then the bad one they had in the early 90's.

Lewis fumbles..

I was a little surprised that was not challenged, but it looked like ruling on field would have stood.

CGY drive was going well, Burris was getting time. That’s the kind of screw-up they need to cut back on.

LOL @ Murphy w/ the blatant procedure on 3rd and 1, forcing them to punt.

Interesting touch that the Blue Team have nameplates on their jerseys...

It's that whole "we're the centre of the universe" thing. :slight_smile:

Also, the 60's uniforms didn't have ads on them!

Man 3 fumbles by the Stamps.. please Calgary.. SMARTEN UP!!!

Big 1st down!!

wow! a calgary receiver caught a pass and didn't fumble it!

True, but their ad contracts were likely formulated before the "retro weeks" concept was come up with. I can give that a pass.

TD Calgary!

7 - 0 Stamps

Nice drive by the Stamps for the TD

Calgary TD!

Burris was getting lots of time to pass, and has 100% completion percentage on eight pass attempts!

Aside from the fumble, I like what I see so far!

As much as I dislike Bruce I have to say that was a great catch. Stamps penalty ads 15 yards.

Rather odd looking play for Talbot to get hurt on.... no one touched

Talbot is down. Fell hard after going up for a pass over the middle.

Yep, now it's Stamps taking stupid penalties.

At least it looks like they'll only get FG on this drive.