Toronto @ Calgary - 28 September 2018

So will Don Jackson be ready to return to the Stampeders’ starting lineup? And how about Eric Rogers?

Might Duron Carter be sufficiently versed in the Argo playbook to catch his first pass as an Argonaut on Friday?


Like lambs to the slaughter…

Should be as competitive as the first meeting between these teams this year. ::slight_smile:'s the regular season still so yes your tagline is entirely if it was the end of November hmmmmmm....

Argos lose big…(hurts to say it but its reality)

At this point - Morris at RB and WR Eric Rogers likely will play.

Hmmmm, interesting!


John White :slight_smile:

Yup, the opposite is happening from what I posted earlier above,

RB Jackson starts and Ambles is in at Receiver - Rogers out.

At this point you appear to be wrong on both counts.

Coach Dave Dickenson just did it to spite you. He could still screw us all up some more three minutes before game time though. He’s like that.


Going by what is listed on the Calgary Depth chart, Rogers out - link above

I am inclined to say that the Argos are going to be slaughtered. That being said, these guys are the comeback kings.

I am going to stick my neck out here and predict an Argos win. It is a long, long, long, long, long x 1000 shot but I want to have some fun with this.

Where’s Vermonter ? I thought he started these game day threads.

What are you trying to do, pad your post count with the same post in three different threads? Or are you still just trying to harass me?


I started this thread and one last week because I was wondering which RBs I could count on to start for my Fantasy lineup and Vermonter hadn’t yet started the thread in which I could ask the question. Then I started a few more for symmetry purposes because I was on a roll.

I also may have questions to ask in the next few weeks. I’m fine with Vermonter starting these threads otherwise though.


You think it’s about you ?

Anyone can start a game day thread of course, but it ought to include a poll.

McCluster is going to break one… That must have been the thinking when the traded Jackson. Couple of defensive stops, the Argos will make it interesting.

It's all good. I'm just a creature of habit. That's all. I got used to you starting it.

Been reading about this guy. They said he will play but he may be more ready next week. If he does bust one, he'll be a mainstay. At this time of year and the situation that the Bombers are in, I cheer for all the Eastern teams.

Personally I don’t think that the Argos have a hope in hades of winning this one - Stamps just DO NOT lose at home or coming off a bye week both of which are in play in this one. The Argo-nots have just not been that good this year.

I see that McCluster is getting some touches but I don’t think he’ll be able to win it on his own. Carter spending more time of the field here too than on the sideline but he’s not going to win it for them either. As TO punches it in for the TD! Might be their only score this game. Horses are sometimes a bit slow off the mark but they generally are galloping but the end of the game.

We are not playing with any sense of urgency so far, a reflection of the entire year.
As for Medeiros this guy has to go and frankly should not have been playing especially after last week.

2 time counts, an illegal substitution and a roughing penalty, seems to me a lack of team discipline.