Toronto/British Columbia

Greetings brothers and sisters, south of the border!

Toronto and British Columbia is the game that is being showcased this week at home!

Is this one going to be a wild one, like the previous Argonauts game?

Has the potential to be a great game, the game that gets my heart pumping is the Priders vs the Stumps..just hoping the Priders get to Burris. The Lions will not have an easy time with the Argoes, I suspect the Argoes D will come ready to play and will be all over Dickenson..

go BC go

Unfortunately this games smacks of last nights Ti-Cat debacle.

I guarantee Dickenson & the Lions will be firing on all cylinders, especially with Joe Smith who could put on a show under the big lights.

With the Argos I see E. Crouch, who has even less experience than Eakin, and other key injuries.

It won't be pretty: Lions 42 Argos 13