Toronto Blue Jays, MLB & 2018 season

After a disasterous 2017, the Jays are poised to - NOT MAKE A TON OF MOVES.

One move they've gone on record with is going after the Japanese sensation Ohtai - the guy who can pitch and hit with equal aplomb (kind of a new age Babe Ruth)

Now, his club team in Japan has arranged to let him go (for a fee, of course)

Where will he end up.

Toronto (Canada) isn't a bad place for a kid coming out of crowded and polluted Japan. Tax conditions are a bit worse than USA but the volatile political climate of the USA might be our main weapon. Of course, he'll be playing 1/2 his games in the USA - plus the lengthy Florida training camp.

Jays could really use a legit superstar to back Josh Donaldson. With Bautista and his salary pushed out of the way - there's hope the Jays can sign this guy. What a sensation it would create in Toronto, all across baseball Canada, even in the USA.

Bigger Japanese population in places like San Fransisco & LA but who wants to play for a hobo team like SF - where would he be on the pitching depth chart in LA? Of course, the Jays are pretty much an all-hobo team themselves so his chances of getting into a post-season are very dim indeed.

But I love the idea of this kid showcasing his wares in Toronto for 2 or 3 years (before he falls into free agency peril)

He's better off playing for the National League... But that's just me

Why do you think that?

In the American league he can pitch every 5 games and DH on a rotational basis another 2 or 3 games/wk. I’d only rest him outright the game before his scheduled starts.

Can’t do the same in the NL. If he bats during his non-pitching starts he’d have to play a position (which he’s certainly more than capable of) or pinch-hit.

I admit i don't follow baseball that close but uhh they don't use pitchers like that as far as i know...the last time i ever saw a pitcher put in as a dh was in the late 80's when the yankees did it and that manager was fired soon after

The Jays are interested in Cain for KC, and he could be an interesting signing... may be a good lead off guy... can hit, has some pop and can steal bases... its been awhile since Toronto has had that combination... Travis could be that guy, but is on the DL too often. They will need another big bat to protect Smoak & Morales. Pillar could become a threat in the bottom of the order if he can continue to improve his hitting, but it was criminal that he didn't win a gold glove... but you can't argue the choice that was made either.

Is Cain a free agent - or would the Jays have to trade pieces to acquire him?

The biggest problem facing Rogers (more a Rogers budget problem than a baseball problem immo) is being saddled with guys like Tulowitzki (good glove, ageing player, poverty at the plate) who’s really no more than a 5 million dollar guy (gold glove, nerf bat) and to a lesser extent Martin (big money, questionable handling of some of the pitching, declining power and average numbers, doesn’t cover the plate like he used to) and Travis being a star in the making last 4 years but barely getting enough action to qualify for a pension.

Poor starters depth, injury to Aaron Sanchez, no catching depth and probably the worst speed on the bases I’ve seen since watching Abdullah the Butcher move around the ring.