Toronto Blue Jays granted permission to bring American teams across border to play a Rogers Centre

Does that idiot (Steve Simmons) not know that a) it was the provincial government that gave the clearance, and b) the federal government still has to give their ok, and they are the ones that ultimately approve of it or not?

Another guy that seems disrespectful of the CFL even when he covered them.

blue jays are playing in the cfl now?????

does that mean we now have teams from the states in the cfl???

Might as well.

Might have a fighting chance.

Looks like the federal government shut it down:

Right move in my opinion since they’ll be travelling all over the US and not quarantined in a hub city.

Agreed they made the right call and glad they didn't let thing longer too much longer.

Very different from the NHL plan

I guess it's the Dunedin Blue Jays this year

I wonder if this factored into the decision at all:

Doubt it ...can't believe the BJs thought it was going to be OK to fly back and forth to Covid hotspots and have those teams (who I don't believe are to be "bubbled" when at home) fly in and out of Canada ... baseball is not essential travel.

I doubt it too, just thought it was kind of funny. Though, those tweets were pretty stupid.

I’m a Jays fan but the plan MLB has in place has way to many variables in it that can lead to players and personnel getting infected. I hope things work out for them but it’s worrisome.