Toronto Blue Jays 2018 - The Re-Set Continues

They will want the next Jays stadium to be baseball only - something traditional, not another concrete monstrosity that houses both.

Plus, a dual stadium would be in the $1,500,000,000 CDN range.

I don't see it.

Not going to happen, my friend. :slight_smile:

I will be pleasantly surprised if thrifty Rogers will actually spend $500 million renovating Rogers. Such a reno would probably be adequate in improving the facility on all levels - event level, lower bowl, club level, 2 suite levels and upper deck with possibly enough left over to to improve the cosmetics of the outside of the building to rid it of the tired concrete look. Perhaps they put a new siding on the exterior?

Something in the range of $200 - $300 million would be more likely. Probably enough to improve the Jays locker room facilities; replace all the seating in the building, improve the lower bowl with the addition of club seating and common areas, improved concessions; same on the club level; at suite levels reduce the number of suites as the number they have is obscenely high - something like 150…get that down to 50 - 75 with the others being replaced by club seating, loges, etc; upper deck probably gets crumbs and I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually reduce the number of seats up there by a thousand or more.

Even if they did spend $500 million on a retrofit that is still a far cheaper option than building a brand new facility. A 45,000 retractable roof stadium would cost over $1 billion. See Texas future stadium as an example.

The Texas Rangers’ new stadium will have a retractable roof, but the baseball team wants fans to feel like they’re still outdoors.
That was the message on Thursday as the club executives and architects provided the first look at the working design for what will be called Globe Life Field, a $1.1 billion stadium expected to open for the 2020 baseball season.
The ballpark will be more intimate than the current Globe Life Park, with seating for about 41,000 instead of 50,000 and putting fans closer to the field. But one of the main goals is to allow for plenty of natural light, even when the retractable roof is closed to keep everyone cool.

The location of Rogers Centre can’t be beat either. Right in the heart of downtown. A new stadium would likely require a move several kilometres away to an inferior location.

Bob McClown also thought $200M - $300M.

Stephen Brunt says he has it on good authority that Rogers will be spending half a billion.

Either way, cheaper than a new stadium. Sadly, no matter how much you spend, it is still a concrete dump.

Glad to see the Season Tickets for the Jays have fallen from 20K to 13K.

Where is Patrick when you need him? :wink:

Jays will prolly top end at 13,500 as far as season tickets.

Need Gerry Howarth to pump their tires - when things start to sag - Howarth is great at that - he doesn't care if the team hasn't won in 210 years - he just screams like a banshee about the game in front of him.

Jays are low end MLB vermin - 69 wins at the low end (injuries to key players would enable this) to 76/77 optimum (minimal injuries)

At some point depending how far below .500 they've fallen - and at least 2 months into the season - they'll Pope John Gibbons go.

I wonder if that is actual season tickets or season ticket equivalents. ie. 10,000 actual season ticket holders and let's say 1,000 half seasons, 4,000 20-game packs and 8,000 10-game packs = 13,000 season ticket equivalents.

If they have 13,000 actual season ticket holders that is impressive. There is a bit of a lag between the point a team improves and their attendance improves and of course the same applies to when a team declines and attendance declines. That is why we saw attendance hold rather well last season despite the club getting off to an awful start and never achieving the .500 mark the entire year.

I will have to look back at the old thread with regards to my predictions for the Jays' attendance this upcoming season. I think I predicted a drop to the low 30,000s. Of course that will depend on how the season goes. Shatkins has been promoting the idea of fielding a competitive team this year as in competitive enough to compete for the playoffs. They resorted to bargain basement signings going after the likes of Garcia, Granderson, Solarte and Grichuk and Diaz. All below-average players albeit providing slight improvements to the club's depth.

Blue Jays are still old and slow - a contrast to what Shatkins said they would bring to the team back in 2015/16. If the pitching is healthy for the most part - all of Happ, Estrada, Sanchez and Stroman pitch 27 - 32 starts - the team might have a shot at .500. The offense still stinks however, and will likely be near the bottom of the league in most categories outside of homeruns. I think a record of 73 - 75 wins is in the cards.

Back to the remaining "competitive" Blue Jays under Shatkins/rogers - they have decreased payroll $20 - $25 million while raising season ticket prices between 7 - 17% depending on the seating section...this after increasing ticket prices an average of 10% in 2016 and 9% in 2017. I'm sure the prices may play a roll in keeping some away from the ballpark or at least attending fewer games!

Where did you see or hear that 13 K season ticket number Kevin?

As per MightyGoose in another thread...

Will be down another 5-10% soon

Jays ST base down by about 35%


[b][b]SN [/b][/b]What effect does the secondary market have on the Blue Jays, andis there animpact on sales for this year? [b][b]MS[/b][/b] The secondary market is a fact, we will always accept and even embrace a piece of that market, but we just wanted to clean that up to some extent. That affects season tickets. When season tickets go from 20,000 to 13,000, you’re going to see a dramatic impact over 81 games. If you still look at our attendance based upon 2015 or 2014 at the start, we’re in good shape. But when you’re looking at our attendance through the window of ’16 and even ’17 because of the tickets that were bought in ’16 for the post-season, we’re stepping back. Last year we didn’t have post-season to sell, so there were no tickets sold in August and September for ’18. All those sales went away.

Bottom line is unless the Jays make the post season a few years on end, they will need a new more baseball looking stadium to attract season ticket holders. I don't think anyone will or can argue with that.

How can the RC be nothing but an old outdated bowl regardless of how much money you put into the place? Bowls can work in football, but not baseball. That being said, Blue Jays fans flock to the place so maybe Rogers will get away with this bowl for years, decades to come to be enough branding to justify keeping the joint and the team? Who knows. No one can argue the location in downtown Toronto is about as perfect as perfect can be for those that like going down there.

Depends on just how bad the Jays are this year in terms of how far their attendance drops. If they struggle from the get go and by late May it is clear they are no where close to contending then they will drop from the 39,554 they averaged in 2017 (4th in MLB) back down to 29,000 range (middle of the pack).

If they surprise and stay in shouting distance of a wildcard into the summer they may stay above the 30,000 mark.

Sadly, Jerry retired. I've don't know how you could describe his style as "screaming like a banshee" though. I found him incredibly calm behind the mic. I'd describe him as follksy, quiet, and eternally positive. Will definitely miss hearing that voice all summer.

As a Tigers fan and someone who heard our family in London, ON listening, there is and never was anyone in baseball like Ernie Harwell. RIP Ernie.

Well that was one heck of a way to end spring training!

At least Montreal baseball fans had one of those - 'You've gotta be kidding me!' moments last night practically blowing the roof of the Big Owe when Vladimir Guerrero Jr ends spring training with a 2 out in the bottom of the 9th walk-off home run.

Getting a curtain call from the Montreal crowd who went bonkers.

Buck Martinez even called the shot! But the TVA French play-by-play guys are over the top.

This video has Buck's call, then the Jays radio crew then the crazy French call.

Guerrero - ranked the #3 prospect in all of baseball will start in the minors - but my guess is he ends up with the Jays before the season is over.

Can't make it to Thursday afternoon's home opener but will be there Friday night. Baseball is back! (Now can winter temperatures kindly leave Southern Ontario).

Yes, always great to see baseball season start again, really gets you thinking about the nice weather to come. My Dad, who was a huge baseball fan, well we liked it when baseball season started again as you could see he got into a better mood. :wink:

Now, on a more repulsive note concerning spring training baseball: :-*

Sewage leak spills onto field during final spring training game at Dodger Stadium

Spring training came to a repulsive end at Dodger Stadium.

Despite what many knowledgeable baseball fans are saying I think its a fairly wise move to depose Guerrero, Jr. to the minors. Eventually, he'll be called up when the gimpy guys start breaking down (Pearce, Tulowiffski, the 2nd baseman, etc.). By that time the Jays will be well down the pike in terms of wildcard positioning - so Guerrero, Jr. will have absolutely NO PRESSURE on him when he finally begins his career as a Blue Jays starter.

If they start the 18/19 yr old tomorrow - then the pressure is way too high. While he's still a top kid on a fairly feeble roster - the roster will fail Vlad vs. Vlad failing the roster.

$20M/yr Tulo on the 60 Day Disabled list to start the season.

That's a shame. :slight_smile:

Least surprising news I've heard in a while. The guy can't stay healthy. I'd suspect he'll spend the majority of his 3 remaining years here on the DL.

That's a shame. :slight_smile:

Loving the great season opener.
Just a sign of things to come for the year and with predicted last place finishers.


More sad news...

Blue Jays' Gibbons: Donaldson's arm is 'just dead'

Hope it doesn't affect his trade value. :wink:

Who's predicting the Jays to finish last?!