Toronto Blue Jays 2018 - The Re-Set Continues

Nothing spectacular out of Blue Jays camp thus far. Tons of Steve Pearce types available and being signed up (aka professional hobos who are either well into a career downside or just ineffective when pitted up against real pros)

Randal Grichuk as a right-fielder is a pleasant hobo hire. A .238 hitter with a top glove patrolling right-field. Lots of uninformed mopes say we should have kept Bautista but this guy is now a certified fraud. Barely batted over .200 last year (.203) with tons of flubs in the out-field, no real speed on the bases and a tendency to whiff vs. drawing walks (his previous super power).

Grichuk is already 35 pts higher than Bautista - that might be good for 4 to 6 more wins in a full 162 game sked. Granderson is another old guy - but he’ll be rotated off with Pearce in left field.

I just don’t expect the current Jays regime to pull off another Josh Donaldson type acquire. And certainly no Top 10 MLB pitchers either!

Stroman and Osuna will continue to anchor Jays mediocre pitching. . . . . which is typiefied as a team with half decent but oft-injured starters, mediocre mid-relief and spotty closers (even Osuna started to routinely barf up games last year)

Helpful if Aaron Sanchez can keep his blister ridden hand in one piece - that guy could win 12 to 15 games if he’s right. But probably rotates between rehab in AA and spot starts if he’s not.

I’d start bringing up the new kids on the block (Guerrero, etc.) even if they’re not quite finished polishing school. They’re better than the hobos currently infesting the Jays roster.

Gibby is glib with excuses - one of the best in the game. But he’s not (never been) a top flight strategist. Essentially the Paul Maurice of MLB managers!

A good season for this group of mopes & hobos would be 78 to 83 wins - I expect them to clock in around 73 to 77 wins.

The reset includes in the radio booth too for the Jays. LONG time play-by-play guy - 36 years! Jerry 'There she goes!' Howarth announced his retirement yesterday.

Also the home opener for the Jays against the Yankees (which is still not sold out) will be tinged with sadness as the Jays will use the occasion to honour the late great Roy Halladay by retiring his number 32.

Just the second Jays player to be given that honour. The only other is Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar. Halladay will no doubt join Alomar in that Hall of Fame - so sad it will be posthumously.

I think the Jays will remain mediocre this season. The energy and the magic came and went too soon in 2016 and that team's chemistry vanished when they lost out quite quickly to the Indians when this finally looked to be getting serious. I recall thinking why are they celebrating so much when they are just getting started on the tough stuff?

That much needed chemistry is gonna be something that takes time to build again.

Like Dave Van Horne with the Expos ; Jerry Howarth had that silky smooth baseball voice that sounds like he has his feet up too relaxing watching the game and talking about it like your sitting next to him .

Jerry was pretty good in his prime - the guy he replaced was the real deal, however. Jerry is a bit whiney - and like most pro sports radio guys he'd become an extension of the team - rarely offering anything more than house-boy insight, positive vibes, the world is great and koom-by-yah stuff. If Jerry ever criticized a guy it was either a guy who was no longer with the Jays, dead or playing poorly in another organization.

Paul Allen (Vikings) and Mike Lange in Pittsburghare the prototypes for house broadcasters - who only see one team on the ice and a team destined for greatness.

Not a huge Jays fan but that Howarth voice with the Jays will be missed, no question. Hope his health is good for many years, decades to come.

Not a huge Jays fan but that Howarth voice with the Jays will be missed, no question, by many. Hope his health is good for many years, decades to come.

I think the Jays might have a better year than last... but being in the division with the Yanks and Red Sox, the best they can hope for is 3rd, and hope that either NY or Boston implodes... that is unlikely, however

Me and the wife are going to take in a couple Jays games in the grapefruit league ..spring training usually one sided games tho ..
Going to Dunedin to see them play the Phillies on the 23rd then on the way home stop in lakeland and see them play the tigers on the 24th....then universal studios then disneyworld then home
Hope these 2 games are not blowouts tho will just leave early if its too bad

Sounds like Tulo may not be healthy enough to be an everyday player in 2018.

Worth every penny of that $20M salary. ;D

Despite his golden glove and imposing stature I could tell Tulowhiffski was NOT right from the get-go.

Only reason he slithered by was everyone was looking at Whifftista going dumpster-diving and his .199 batting avg.

Tulo was able to slither with a bare .230 to .240 BA despite making some great plays at short.

They got off lucky with Donaldson - as he became a certified contender for league MVP.

Tulo has become a certified contender for the Red Cross award - he's damaged goods. Jays will be forced to eat his salary - which I'm sure they expected - that's the main reason they're not spending big coin on bringing in big name free agents who demand big bitcoins.

Wouldn't be surprised if the BJs shut him down for the season, buy out his ginormous contract (obviously no takers for a dead guy SS) or get under 40 games (gold glove, impotent bat) from the dude.

That's a shame. :slight_smile:

As per Stephen Brunt, Rogers will need to sink $500,000,000 into the Rogers Center in the coming years. Ouch!

About or just below the price of a state-of-art new MLB stadium??? hmmm, something fishy there, the Jays attract hordes of fans with the stadium as it is???

That's about 3/4 of the way to a REAL ballpark.

Lipstick; pig.

Skydome will NEVER be a real ballpark, no matter how much $$$ you put into it.

I agree. If it's me, I spend the extra $250M and build something new/special/nice.

It's not given a great rating according to this report:

Rick Zamperin: Rogers Centre is close to being the worst stadium in the majors

I thought that list was rather kind to it. In reality, it's more likely 27thor 28th on that list

Location - location - location

The Rogers Skydome is so convenient - but its deplorably inefficient for CFL football, its barely passable for any pro soccer or playdown soccer events, its passable for major league baseball - given the fact Rogers can now control whatever kind of turf they use - to no advantage of the Jays!

Can't build another outdoor park - too many cancelled & re-scheduled dates in a northern climb

Building another closed dome facility 700 million to 1.25 billion - they'd have to expropriate valuable industrial property on the lakeshore to find anything even close to Skydome.

So no way they build a new facility - unless the NFL decides to move north. That would be the one game-changer!

So no way they build a new facility - unless the NFL decides to move north. That would be the one game-changer!
Possible translation = Rogers sells Blue Jays to someone which includes the RC and uses the money to build an NFL stadium and acquire a team, with co-partners, as the NFL makes all teams money, every year so eventually a ROI should happen. ;)