Toronto/Bills situation...

Forgive me if this has been discussed to death, but, I haven't been here regularly for a while and was wondering what the news/press/stories are in Toronto regarding the whole Bills situation? How are they "spinning" the Argos lackluster season and the Bills' good ( so far) season as fodder for Buffalo coming to Toronto full time? Or are they?

Word has it they are still having trouble moving tickets for the game, with about 8000 still remaining

Of course you realize this figure was probably from the same source that said the exhibition game was close to being a "sell-out", and we all know how many they actually sold!!!!! My guess they have been lucky to have sold 25 to 30K. By game-time, they might have 33k sold. Poor old Ted will have his lackies out giving away tickets again to paper the place!!!!! :lol: