Toronto Bills? It wouldn't make sense!

Let’s face it, the “Bills” are coming to Toronto, eventually and, unfortunately, full time!!!


  • they were named after “Buffalo Bill” Cody so the name “Bills” would make no sense in Toronto

  • the buffalo logo would have to go… it makes no sense either

  • the uniforms suck, make no visual sense, are waaay too adorned with Reebok piping…

… what would you call the eventual Toronto NFL team? And would you support it under that new monicker?

please delete. It is never going to happen. you need to join the wspidel and berezin club. the 3 of you need to start your own forum.

who cares what they name the team they are not coming to TO on a permanent basis

Here's a start :stuck_out_tongue:

Toronto Bill Collectors,

Toronto Tax Bills

I predict there will be no NFL team in Toronto for the next 10 years!!!! And likely not after that either.
And if I am wrong the CFL will still continue to exist ...and still with the Argo's.
If the CFL did not exist then it would be a different story because we would likely have ended up with NFL North just like it was with NFL Europe.

Toronto Big Bills

Toronto Bills.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

who cares what they call the team, as long as 1) the ownership doesnt run the team like the leafs and 2) they send the CFL into oblivion

Again Co legend your trying to start something !!!

and take you with them....

Co-legend why are you on a CFL site if you want to see it sent into oblivion??

Just leave the name the way it is - it's the tradition not that the name means anything to the city. The Tiger Cats were not named after anything unique about Hamilton - we don't have any tigers native to Hamilton.

But I think the Bills are going to be good for the Argos and the Ticats - the true fans at last will have to put up or shut up.
If you want your teams and the CFL to survive you are going to have to go out and buy tickets and prove that you are a CFL fan.

Obviously,the perfect name:"Toronto Loonies"! Colours: Green, Gold, and Silver!!

hmmm. co-legend-the God-fearing Troll...