toronto, better than you think...maybe

if these stats can be relied on, for the first 3 games, tor in first in many offensive and defensive stats, including yards for and yards against.

[url=] ... 070148.pdf[/url]

yes...very interesting.

Toronto has improved since last season. The bigger question from tonight, however, is if Winnipeg will win a single game this season.

Toronto is definitely better. Their biggest problem is taking bad penalties

Penalties were really only an issue in Week 1 for Toronto. They have much bigger problems to worry about that penalties...

    • Special Teams. The FG attempts have been a complete embarassment this year and cost them two wins already. Cover team has also been brutal. I'm thinking much of those struggles are because the kicks had a combination of no direction, no distance and no hang time.
    • OLine. It's tough enough to expect Ricky Ray to pick up a new offence, but a weak OLine makes it that much more difficult. Even when they use six OLinemen it's sometimes a struggle to slow down the pressure. Toronto has a very good OLine coach, but I'm not sure if even he can make chicken salad out of this pile of shicken chit.
    • Poor Personnel Decisions. I realize there's a learning curve for Milanovich & Jones to figure out what they've got to work with, but some of their moves have been complete head scratchers. Giving Cory Boyd 10 receptions and only 8 carries - - good idea to get Boyd 20 touches each game, but make sure 19 of them are rushes...Spencer Watt as a starting WR - - has no clue how to run routes and get open, but even if did he has no hands to make the catch...EJ Kuale as a DE - - last time Chris Jones tried to use a LB at DE in Calgary it was with Bobby McCune, and McCune was the worst DE in the league. Here we go again.

The good news is these problems are for the most part, all fixable. If Toronto can get them halfway figured out, they'll be a contending team this year.

Area 51 get your head out of the sand.
You don’t really know what you are talking about.
Ray has been playing great and has gotten average protection from his O-line.
The o-line is not bad because you say so, it has done a relatively decent job.

Also Spencer Watt is a good reciever. He has caught everything thrown his way barring an overthrow by Ray which could have been a 60+ yard gain, and last night made a key 9 yard catch that led to the winning touchdown. Not to mention he is open a lot more than he gets thrown too. He is also only 23 I believe. Keep him along learning our system he will be one of the fastest and most dependable Canadian WR’s in the league in 2 years.

I definitely agree they are a MUCH better team, but despite what the stats say there is something about them that to me makes me think of them as being middle of the pack.

If there was even average special teams maybe my opinion would be different. But they appeared to take care of that last night.

However, the played a beaten up and demoralized Winnipeg team. What happens if that was BC or Montreal?

sorry, marc, but spencer watt is garbage and has no place in this league.
now that prefontaine isn't the one killing this team, chad owens is the obvious guilty party.
the guy needs to return kicks and nothing more.
when are mo mann and ken-yon rambo supposed to be game-ready?

[url=] ... 03086.html[/url]
And even with receivers like Andre Durie and Chad Owens who catch the ball on occasion — or in Owens' case just fumble it away — can’t there be just a little fun?

yeah great explanation
“Watt is garbage cause I say so”
he has more yards than Greg Carr this season.
I guess Carr has no place in the league.

watt doesnt run his routes hard.
when there is a long pass thrown his way, it's like he slows down to avoid the inevitable drop he will have if he is in the area of the pass. then he can make his way back to the sidelines and say it was over thrown and not his fault.

i have seen watt drop pass after pass after pass. the ONLY reason he is still on the argos, is, he is a young canadian. barker has said for 2 years, 'wait a couple years and this kid will be great'. i've seen little or no improvement to his game. he is the argo's chris bauman.

if i never see spencer watt on a football field again, it will be a relief.

a friend of mine was a big spencer watt supporter for awhile, but even he now admits, the kid is a bust.

have you watched him at all this season, he caught some great balls.
Argos would not have won without him yesterday.

I really want to see the Argos win a lot more this year.. (at least not vs Saskatchewan! hehe) and perhaps even get to their own Grey Cup..

What a terrible article from a journalist who clearly knows very little about the sport he's covering. The league has become a possession game. He might not like dinking and dunking, but would he like losing games more? It's not like Ray never aired the ball out. He's working in an offense tailored to his strengths, that allows him to get in rhythm with the short passing game and then pick his spots for the deep ball. Maybe the journalist would prefer the ball heaved 30 yards down field every play -- maybe he also wants a parade of two-and-outs and an L instead of a W for the Argos? Good grief.

A football reporter who can't appreciate the beauty of a sustained, multi-play drive, who can only ooh and ah over a 40-yard pass play, isn't someone who should be covering the game.

By your own admission, you've been watching football for a couple of years now - - and you're going to tell me that Watt is a legit starting WR? Maybe he's your favourite player...maybe you're a myopic homer who thinks every Argo is fantastic...but other than his speed, Watt has nothing as a receiver. Let's be realistic about things for a change. Who do you think is heading to the bench once Mann & Rambo are cleared to play?

Did you even watch the game last night? Or did you just have your eyes closed every time Ricky Ray was getting hit? The OLine couldn't open up anything for the run game either. Or do you want to try and tell me they did a great job, but it's just that Boyd didn't hit the open lanes hard enough?

I don't know who else besides you would think Ricky Ray has played "great" so far this season. The offense struggled badly for long streches against Winnipeg, just as it has all season. But you feel like Ray has played "great"...where's the disconnect?

I read this last night and was appalled by Simmons' lack of knowledge about the CFL and football in general. It is astounding to think that there is someone out there who is getting paid to write about a sport they clearly, through their own writing, don't have a clue about.

Yep. He's probably the sort of journalist who thinks every baseball team should win by hitting the most home runs, overlooking the fact that not all teams have the sluggers to do it, and that there is value to playing 'small ball.'

Toronto doesn't have an ace receiver. So while Simmons may idiotically ask Milanovich to inject some Jamel Richardson into Toronto's offense, how exactly is that accomplished, in the absence of a legitimate star receiver? If it were that easy to acquire or create a no. 1 receiver, players like Geroy Simon, Nik Lewis, and Jamel Richardson wouldn't be the consistent top-tier performers they are.

Who do you blame?

Boyd or Millanovich for not using him? Boyd got 16 touch, 13 on the ground but got 56 yds rushing and 17 passing. Neither impressive by Boyd nor Millanovich ignoring him as a rusher.

Blame Owens? One fumble came from trying to race into a catch to draw a 15 yd no-yards penalty. Done by every team in the league and the dumbest play when you factor in the obvious downside. No excuse for his other fumble. As for his numbers 4-63 and 1 TD receiving, returns 4 for 15 on punts and 6 for 132 on kick offs.

Defense? Good 2nd half but I wouldn't call it a good game. Winnipeg, with it's back up QB got too many big plays on the defense. They only gave up 300 yds but they let Winnipeg get into scoring position 6 times. If Winnipeg's offense could have converted just one more drive they win the game.

Offense? Absolutely. They deserve their share. Numbers look good for Ray and the receivers but the o-line did no favours for Boyd, they still had red zone issues and somehow had to punt more times than Winnipeg?

For the first time this season I saw no improvement from the previous game. The offense's progress stalled and the return game was average at best. Argos are in Montreal next week and are ripe for the picking. If Calvillo plays pruning could be more like it.

no, toronto is not better than i think... because quite honestly, big bomber fan, huge, willl always support them but man, brink was 9 of 34 passing yesterday.. he completed 9 freaking passes all game, thats 2 a quarter, thats pathetic..

the bombers should have been destroyed yesterday, that game should not have been that close, sick part here.. seriously, and this is why i dont think the argos are better is because, well, 9 of 34 and u win by 3 points? maaan, thats not good.

Spencer Watt has done nothing in his career to warrant anyone saying he's a good receiver.

In 32 games he has 629 yards receiving. That's an average of less than 20 yards per game (19.65)

Even if you only include the games he actually started, but keep the same number of receiving yards, he averages less than 30 yards per game (28.59)