Toronto Beer Prices?!

Did they charge more money for beer because the Argos were in town? What’s with the $1.50 increase in beer over last season? $8.00 for a “tallboy” which is really just a regular bottle’s worth of beer! I was going to get my usual two or four brews last night but when I saw the price I bought one and one only for the whole game. Gouging us on concessions is not a good way to treat your customers! I can get 24 beers from the store for $24 but at a Ticat game $24 gets me a lousy THREE BEERS! For that price I want a cheerleader to sit on my lap for one quarter!

and its DRAFT!!!!!
can't we at least have a can for that much

Don't waste money at a before and after.

Wait a minute!!

Draft beer is actually premium beer.

In order to remove bacteria, bottled and canned beer is pastuerised (i.e. heated). This adversely affects its taste (As does the presence of microbes, oxygen, and light).

Yeah, I know science is geeky, but beer-science is not. So, here you go...

Beermakers refer to the "tower of taste", which is, from best to worst, as follows:

Draft Beer at the Brewery.
Generally the gold standard for beer freshness. Unfortunately, even slow-moving brands can become stale at the brewery.

Cask-conditioned Ale.
When done right, beer that is carbonated by a secondary fermentation in the cask or keg from which it is served delivers excellent brewery-fresh flavour. Downside: Poorly tended examples can range from flat and tasteless to sour and undrinkable.

Keg Beer.
Because it is unpasteurized—and sometimes unfiltered—keg beer retains more fresh beer flavour than that from bottles or cans. Furthermore, the distribution system is designed for proper handling and rapid turnover to ensure product quality. Downside: Dirty beer lines, poorly designed draft systems and improper handling can hurt or even ruin a good beer.

Bottle-conditioned Beer.

Some brewers—among them Sierra Nevada, Dechutes, BridgePort, New Glarus and many other American micros; German hefeweizens like Schneider Weiss; English beers such as Fuller’s; and Belgian giants like Chimay—follow the centuries-old tradition of bottling their beer with yeast so that it develops a natural carbonation in the package. As added benefits, the beer is unpasteurized and the yeast fights staling reactions to preserve beer flavour. Although still best when consumed fresh and stored cool, these products hold a definite advantage over regular bottled beers. To check for bottle-conditioning, look for a pale to tan layer of yeast on the bottom of the bottle before pouring. Downside: These unfiltered beers may be hazy, may go off quickly if poorly handled.

Bottled “Draft? Beer.

These products, notably Miller Genuine Draft (MGD), are produced by sterile filtration to retain more fresh beer flavour than pasteurized bottles and cans. Downside: Since the fine filtration inevitably removes some body and flavor, the advantages over regular bottled beer may be only slight.

Brown-Bottled Beer.
The standard consumer package for most breweries, the brown bottle has a lot going for it. Although pasteurized, it is still capable of delivering a rich palate of beer flavour that demonstrates both subtlety and intensity. Smart consumers check date labels to buy the freshest available product. Downside: Some brewers still don’t use date codes; poor handling and slow sell-through can result in some very bad product on the shelf.

Canned Beer.
Like bottles, cans are pasteurized after filling and most taste testers can’t detect a difference. Still, the potential for off-flavours from the can—although rare—is greater due to the use of lubricants, paints and coatings that can absorb factory odors. Tip: As with bottles, check the date code.

Green-Bottled Beer:
Green bottles are a marketing gimmick designed to convey a “premium? image, but they are bad for beer flavour. Unlike their brown brothers, green bottles can’t stop the light-induced reaction that produces skunky aroma and flavor in beer. The effect is so common that many consumers now accept it and may even complain when it is not present. Those who prefer to avoid it should buy from closed case boxes that have never been exposed to light or stick to draft products.

That warm, flat $8 swill which I drank last night was definitely NOT premium! :thdn:

Until the price comes down AND the quality goes up I have bought my last beer at Ivor Wynne.

It's your choice to purchase the concessions, like people have said before in these forums, eat before and after the game. What would you rather have talent on the field to watch and the potential for a grey cup champion or the pathetic football team we have had 2 out of the past 3 seasons. $ has to come from somewhere to pay the players.

I bought a ticket to the game! That's where the money comes from. Tell me how exactly does it help pay the players if fans refuse to buy drinks and food at the game? You have missed the point completely. Fans are supposed to happily pay too much for poor concessions or else the team won't be competitive? That has a "buy a ticket or else we'll fold the team" ring to it.

It's up to the Tiger-Cats to provide fans with a good game experience. I want to sit on my plank of wood with a cold beer that I haven't paid through the nose for and grab a sausage at half time and get back to my seat before the start of the second half. Take that away and it takes away from the game experience.

I personally would rather save my money.....doesn't make me less of a fan either.

Maybe with the high prices there wont be as many drunks at the games. :lol:

Didn't see any last night, but it was more of a coffee/hot chocolate night... octoberish


The government raises taxes on cigarettes, the black market erupts.

Concessionaires at sporting events try to gouge the customers?

Spell it with me, M-I-C....K-E-Y.....

yeh the beer was to expensive. wow and damn it was bad, and it was bud too so(N)...

Warm Beer: 8.00
.50 cent Popcorn: 4.50
Interact Fee: 6.00

EMPTY WALLET: Priceless :roll:


Did you also notice that the "security" at the gate was changed, too? Ropes that prevent people from entering before being searched.

I was standing there with just my seat cushion, and had to wait while two people in front of me had their bags checked before I could get in. Then the guy asked if he could look in my sister's purse! I was very proud of her when she said no and walked right by. (Tote bags and backpacks are one thing...searching a woman's purse is an invasion of privacy. Not cool, Cats.)

And let's face it, we all know what they're looking for. They aren't checking for guns, or knives, or explosives...nor are they likely qualified or equipped to handle a situation in which they find such an item. Nope. They want to make sure you're not carrying in a bottle of water or a bag of chips.

Good to see that when everyone else is getting so hung up over terrorism and gang violence, they're cracking down on the real threats to our society: people who bring their own snacks into Ivor Wynne.

Next thing you know, they'll have us spread eagled against a wall to see whats in our pockets, etc.
I hereby volunteer to search the cheerleaders, so I too, can do my part for humanity.

On the contrary, Mr. Leahy's scenario is much more likely. Next game, security's gonna be swimming in a sea of confiscated bar-noculars, vodka-injected fruit, and "water" bottles, which will only be the redundant decoys for the many, many, many hard liquor bottles that will be smuggled in using boots, crotches, extremely puffy hair, etc.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the current ownership could learn a thing or two from the Yachettis, Michaluks, Grants and MacDonalds of the past, who all went down this road, but who were much less obstinate about zero tolerance, etc. once the fans expressed their displeasure, as they are now.

It seems that the current ownership group has been trying to disassociate itself from all things in "the past".

Might be worthwhile going to Toronto on the 17th to watch our Cats,in the long run might be cheaper than going to our own stadium!

meh, i know a trick that works everytime... and i'm not aiming to give it away.

I'll save the rant and put it like this ...

At $8 per beer - I will BET MY MORTGAGE against the caretaker's - that the BOTTOM LINE will suffer ...

I'm no Greenspan when it comes to ECONMICS, but I am aware of a little concept known as ELASTICITY ... at those prices you can be sure the elastic will be LIMP ...

Actually ... NEVERMIND ... I do feel like a RANT ...

Football, summertime, people, beer, good times - they all GO TOGETHER. Since when did it become such a deplorable act to have a couple (or more) beveridges, put a NICE FRIENDLY GLOW ON, and watch grown men beat the snot out of each other !!!!!!!!!

I am perfectly willing to spend money inside the stadium, because I know it is what makes the WORLD go ROUND, but I can't even stomach the idea of spending that much money on a SINGLE BEER ... it is LITERALLY sickening.

So what is the end result ?

In the name of PROFIT RAKING ... instead of getting something like thirty five to forty bucks per game ...

from a HAPPYFAN.

The organization will instead get something like ...


From an UNHAPPY, THIRSTY person in the stands.

I'll leave it for the greed mongers to do the math.