Toronto @ BC

Let's go, BC. Even up my weekend.

Let’s go Argo’s,

BC strikes first. ...but then so did Calgary. :lol:

Agreed! Can't let the Argos win! :wink: :slight_smile:

BC INT. Nice.

Out of curiosity, anyone know if there's a time table on Ray?

Harris going for the hat trick tonight. Another BC TD. :thup:

Where is our secondary?
This could get ugly.
Trevor is looking very inexperienced so far.

Last I heard he could be back for Labour Day - just in time to have the Ticats hand him a loss in the Labour Day Classic a THF! :smiley:

Harris is in for his second TD. :smiley: Argos turning the ball over won't help their cause with BC picking up a major score on that pick.

You have Creehan as your DC - need I say more? :roll:

I’m sick of the Lions using their west coast time zone as an advantage against Eastern teams. All their games against East opponents should be Saturday or Sunday afternoon starts.

They renovate the stadium to allow natural light in then play most games at night. Waste.

Not to mention, most viewers from this end of the country are not staying awake for this one. Ratings will be bad because of this.

I am starting to wonder as his schemes are horrid.

what about east games played at 10 am pst on sunday when many people are sleeping in, or at church.

Never understood this time zone issue. For all my travels back and forth across the country, it never bothered me at all.

And there is the hat trick. Dare I say, this game is over?

Well it seems to me the one time that I checked that Montreal often played day games in BC (and Toronto had some too) - not that it did the Als any good because even with Calvillo playing they usually played badly vs the Leos!

:( :( :( the world doesn't revolve around Toronto.

Well I was wrong about Toronto being able to stop the run of BC. What the heck Toronto!? Your defence is better than the Saskatchewan's!

This has the makings of a game that is going to have a lackluster second half if BC is up this much at the half.


Most people are awake at 10am. Not so much for 1am.
You may not understand this, but wally does, which is why he insists the lion's home games are late. He knows skill alone isn't enough.
This game is a write-off.
Blue jays are on.

Won't help the ratings in these parts (Southern Ontario) that the Jays are also on the west coast playing Seattle at the same time too. So a chunk of those who even stay up this late will be watching the Jays at least some of the time. (I know I am flipping back and forth between the two and the way this game is going looks like most of the rest of the night I'll be watching baseball barring a turnaround.

Just remember the 2012 Ticats with Burris who had the best offensive stats in the league and a 6-12 record. The D let 4th stringer Collaros march down the field for a FG to win the last game of the season and knock the Ticats out of the playoffs!
(Of course Ticat fans LOVE Collaros now!)

At least there was a great game before with the OT win by the RB.