Toronto @ BC

Game day thread...
Lions wearing their kickass Orange!

Toronto O-line is beaten up and with a short week and the time change, I think this plays into BC's hands.
Hopefully their O-line comes to play.

Come on Argos! I wanna see someone challenge Montreal in the East. Hamilton isn't up to the task... :lol:

Wow! Big throw by Lemon, and great catch by Durie. :o

Lion's are pumped after stopping the Argo's on 3rd and goal

Empire looks empty today.. :?
Wow blown coverage and than some..

Might have something to do with BC being 0-4 at home. :lol:

Toronto looking decent thus far

Lions looking flat, not the team we saw last week.

Wide open baby!!

Lemon flubbed the ball :cry:

Cleo is 90% of a very good QB. Its that other 10% that keep doing him in. Watch out if he ever fixes that.

Fine by me...

True, and he could very well do that in Moncton vs Edmonton.

Ref's not calling TO holding today?

Roughing the kicker on the Lion's

Another one sided call by refs

Can't say I agree with that call. That wasn't a catch.

Looked like it hit the turf, but we'll move on. Lion's are threating to put Toronto in deep

Good to see BC on fire....for now

Half time drawing board for Toronto; otherwise…B.C. will roll to their first win at home.