Toronto at Winipeg

After first half, Toronto is leading Winnipeg 14-3.

Some stats:

Toronto has 283 yards of offence to Winnipeg 104.

Toronto QBs: Z. Collaros 9-12,95 yards and 1 TD. T.Harris 8-11,115 yards.

Winnipeg QBs: M.Hall 7-15,69 yards and 1 Int. B.Pierce 0-5 and 1 Int.

I know it is only pre-season, but I am surprised how well is doing, -or how bad Winnipeg is- given that many,many Toronto veterans are not playing. Some are Ray,Owens, Kackert, all these starting LBs.

Season could be long in Winnipeg.


Toronto gave the night off to 16 vets who made the team. In addition Toronto has agreed not to blitz Winnipeg’s rookies.

Did Buck get hurt ???

0-5 and 1 interception.

I heard he got sacked and walked away limping !

Lol, yes a pre season game that nobody cares about the score. Is a obvious indicator :roll: . Buck was in for 3 series.This may surprise you but this isn't the team we will be fielding on the 27th . Not to say, we won't be in tough this year, wait until the games count to see exactly where teams stand !

sure seems like the Argos forgot the no blitz thing

Need to add the RedBlacks logo icon to the Game Tracker

No blitz does not mean you don't take the quarterback down.

I’m just pissed they’ve killed the text version.

Buck was in for 3 series but Ray is at home watching TV.

If you listen to the game, they have been talking about the Argo blitz. Particularly after the missed FG return when they apparently blitzed 2 times in a row.

Why would Ray make this trip ? He will get his reps at home in front of his home fans.

Ok let me be the first to say despite the topic here, why the heck has not TSN shown this game as the added interest of a fantastic new stadium.

Also, why is TSN not even updating the score and stats on their website during the game?

Toronto 24 and Winnipeg 6 after 3 quarters. Toronto has 449 of offence to 159 for Winnipeg.


I think TSN wants the first game at the new stadium , to mean something. Pre season football does not invoke the passion that will be present on opening day.

I forget , how many points in the standings for this HUGE pre season victory by the Argo's ?

Ok that may be true, however why show then any No Fun League pre season games that are horrid in quality?

TO @ Winnipeg...okay, perhaps it was not aired because they wanted to do coverage testing in the new stadium?? Perhaps they simply wanted the new stadium to be seen first on opening day?? I could buy into either

Hamilton @ Montreal...well, it is on RDS

SK @ ESKs...on TSN. You would think this one would be off and another on seeing as they play each other 4 times in the regular season.

BC @ Stamps...on at same time as SK/ESK game...fair enough

Als @ TO - no idea why it wouldn't be on

Bombers @ Hamilton...same kickoff as above, but neither are on?? I believe that originally this game and BC/Stamps were the 2 games that were not going to be on (when they originally said they were doing 6 games)

Stamps @ Riders...again, no idea why it is not on.

Esks @ BC is on.