Toronto at Montréal

So far, more than 22,000 tickets have been sold for the October 2, 2016 game against the Argos. The signing of Jacques Chapdelaine as Head Coach will bring $$$ dividends to the Team, at least regarding sales of tickets.


As I said, he was hired mainly cause he's not Henglish.

And you are wrong. He was hired mainly because he is a proven offensive coach already on our staff who can help with the unit that needs the most help. The fact that he is French-Canadian is a nice bonus but not the main reason.

I'm guessing you mean he's not only English speaking.

CFL has Canadian coaches. American coaches too. No English coaches in CFL I don't think. Or French coaches.

The Alouettes are a business. Businesses, I will argue, exist to make money.

The last 2 games I attended at Molson stadium had an attendance of roughly 19,000 spectators. The sales to date of 22,000 represent an increase of at least 4,000 over what they would have been without the coaching change, Assuming the average price of these tickets was $40, this represents an increase in revenue of $160,000. Assuming 3 more home games, that is an increase of $500,000, without spending a dime.

Had the new coach been Kavis or Thorpe, this would have been seen as the latest installment in the Als coaching reality mini series. I don't think attendance would have been affected.

The Als are getting positive media coverage and they are selling tickets, thanks to this smart move by Mr Wetenhall jr.


No, I mean he is a local Quebec boy. Of that, there are presently none in the CFL.

Phil...So if he was a local Quebec guy but only spoke English the positive effect would still be there then?


You won't let me off the hook, but then I deserve it :roll:

I don't think your scenario is very realistic, as I do not know any Quebec born football coaches who do not speak french. Quebec's english population is almost exclusively bilingual.

Perhaps I can rephrase your question: would the positive effect be the same if the HC had an english name?

I think there would be a difference, as pride often has a linguistic spin here. I expect that it would not be a huge difference to most, except perhaps for some noted journalists whose pride mau come through as chauvinism.

They don't consider Weightman an Anglophone because his last name is English.

Defense rests.

Just seems we talk in codes on this topic.

I think it is an incredible boon if you are bilingual in the Quebec market.

It is not unreasonable at all for the decision makers to look at bilingualism, weighing it highly, when making a choice on the face of the franchise imo. Certainly not the highest criterion but right up there.

Going from an American who deserted town to move back to Carolina to a local guy who’s won the First Vanier at Laval and is respected for his craft is a good step in the right direction.

Another would be to flesh out the NI content with local guys when drafting.

We've always made a good effort to recruit from Quebec (or at least, Quebec and franco-Ontario). Brouillette, LBJ, Giguere, etc.

I'd prefer they work on drafting quality national receivers instead of stiffs who are basically decoys (Deslauriers, etc.).

First practice for Jacques Chapdelaine as head coach on Sunday.

-Vernon Adams was absent because of his flight was delayed.
-Tyrell Sutton was not there either. Reason unknown.
-As of now, there are no changes made on the Offensive Line.
-Jonathan Crompton was without a helmet meaning he is still considered injured.
-Team announced that Jacques Chapdelaine will be calling plays the rest of the season.
-Practices this week are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Great news all around. Chap should be calling the plays and I'm glad he's taken the reins here. He should have been calling the plays all along, really.

I also expect better tempo at practice with Chap at the helm. He's learned from one of the greatest in the business (Buono) and he will crack the whip, which we sorely need.

Per RDS, Calvillo will be in the spotter's booth from now on, not at field level.

Article here says despite Chapdelaine taking over, the playbook is basically unchanged.

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There is no way to change the playbook at this stage. But they can execute what they have better, they can add variants and they can call a better game.

Jacques Chapdelaine's changes to the team seem to be about structure, respect, and responsibility rather than on-field X and 0's.

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Probably the smart way to do it. See how players respond to structure and then sit down with JP and decide which need to go, if any; be it now or after the season.

Sadly, professional players are not all "professional/grown-ups". They've been spoiled/pampered most of their football lives and, like high school students when a substitute teacher is in, many try to get away with whatever they can just because they always have. Coaches who are strict/disciplinarians don't always last long but they are necessary every once and a while to reset the tone.

Duron Carter:

“It’s just about getting our hierarchy of football back together,? said receiver Duron Carter. “With Jacques, even though it’s one practice we’ve had, you can tell it’s much better.?

Jacques Chapdelaine:

“This is the type of practice we want to have – diligent, businesslike,? said Chapdelaine.

The sideline benches where Cato and Carter had their squabble were gone. Chapdelaine wasn’t sure who removed them but added “I wish I had thought of that.?

“I told them I would respect them as players and I’d certainly care about them,? he said. “I explained that caring doesn’t necessarily mean liking everybody, but it means putting their best interests at heart and that we would put them in a position to have success.

“What we expect of them is to make the most of it by being engaged, by being prepared. And we asked them not to be anonymous. That means making sure you make yourself seen on the field, that you stick out in a good way. And that you voice your appreciation and respect for all the guys on this team.?

Anthony Calvillo:

“If I didn’t have respect for (Chapdelaine) I would be like ‘OK this is something I don’t like and I’m going to move forward,’ but we’re 3-9 and, offensively, we haven’t had a lot of success and they want to look at something different,? said Calvillo. “I accept that."

“I’m accountable on offence. I’m here to support the players and the team.?

“When you look back at it now you could say ‘yes, they rushed me,’ but at the end of the day I said yes to this profession,? he said. “I felt I could grow and make things happen and unfortunately it didn’t go as planned, but it was a learning experience.

“Unfortunately it was a bit painful because we’re 3-9.?

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