Toronto at Montreal

Based on the Als depth chart, there are only 22 Int. players,including the 3 Int. QB's,meaning that both Sutton and Rutley will play. 22 Nat. players will play.

Nat. WR Eric Deslauriers is now on 1 game injured list; newly acquired Int. DB Brandon Smith is on 1 game injured list. Int. DT Corvey Irvin is on 6 game injured list. For this game there are only 3 Int. DL.-Bowman,Knapton and Cash-; 3 Nat. DL will play.-Klassen, Joseph and Finley-


Hadn`t heard anything about an injury to Corvey Irvin. All the more surprising then that no d-linemen were added to the practice roster.

I have been impressed when both Sutton and Rutley play together.

Today's actual moves:


MTL EXT ON INJURED NAT Brandon BRIDGE (QB) South Alabama - to Oct-17
MTL EXT ON INJURED NAT Mike EDEM (DB) Calgary - to Oct-17
MTL EXT ON INJURED NAT Jamahl KNOWLES (DB) Calgary - to Oct-17
MTL EXT ON INJURED INT Dan LEFEVOUR (QB) Central Michigan - to Nov-21^^ (Nov-09)
MTL EXT ON INJURED NAT Andrew LUE (DB) Queen's - to Oct-17
MTL EXT ON INJURED INT James RODGERS (WR) Oregon State - to Oct-17
MTL TRF TO INJURED NAT Eric DESLAURIERS (WR) Eastern Michigan - to Oct-17
MTL TRF TO INJURED INT Corvey IRVIN (DT) Georgia - to Nov-21^^ (Nov-09)
MTL TRF TO INJURED INT Brandon SMITH (DB) Arizona State - to Oct-17
MTL TRF TO INJURED NAT Carl VOLNY (RB) Central Michigan - to Oct-17

Don't know why, but I really like Graves.


go Als go?

Not very enthusiastic, GHT, but I understand completely. I'm recording the game, not watching it for fear of my BP bursting!

The best addition to the team this season has to be Logan but, as he gets going it appears someone on the Als blocking team has to get called for holding. This has happened twice during the first half and, has cost the team dearly this season. Bede isn't going well, he had two shanks and, missed an extra point. Again, this is not the first time Dede has done this. These are the type of plays that should not happen.

As they lined up for the extra point I noticed they were out towards the right hashmark (from Bede's perspective and he missed it (must have been ever so slightly) to his right.

I missed the start of the game, but Bede had two shanks??

MTL Punts
BEDE, B....5......44.8.....224......57

Even taking out the 57 harder he averaged about 42 yards.

Venable earning his cheque today.

With him and Muamba the Als have a nice pair going forward. I expect Ellsworth back next year but, frankly, not Cox and Hebert.

This has to be frustrating for the defense. To allow so little to a very hot team for 3 quarters only to have your QBs repeatedly turn over the ball or make terrible decisions and horrendous pass protection has to be extremely frustrating and it wouldnt surprise me if there were serious problems in this locker room. We have the receivers to get the job done but the only guy whos shown at all capable of getting them the ball keeps getting taken out of the lineup because our offensive line is useless

In order to have a slim chance to make the playoffs,as a crossover team, the Als have to trade for Kevin Glenn,particularly if Rakeem Cato is not ready to go. The Als lost because of the QB's/lack of a good QB for 60 minutes.


Won't the Cats try to get Glenn?

I would not spend one penny on Kevin Glenn. Play as many young guys as possible and start the rebuild in the off season.

Agree 100% HfxTC. This team is simply not good enough this year.
Popp is not a HC. And frankly, needs to go back and decide whether he wants to spend the time required to be a solid GM he once was or move on.

Play the young players from here on out and see what you have to build with next season.
Glenn will not be able to bring them to the Gc.

I don't know, man, but I am at a complete and utter loss of words over this Als team. They may still, miraculously, back into the playoffs, but...

I'll keep watching the Als this season and hoping for the best, but at some point you just have to be realistic. The frustrating thing is that some of the Ls could have been Ws. Can't wait for Popp to do his regular job and find us some good players!

Thank God my other favourite team, Notre Dame, is doing fairly well this season with a rookie QB. Big game next Saturday against USC.

Well we saw again that any QB that has success at the end of à losing game doesn't necessaraly garantee success when sent in a real game situation. Also we had proof again that Turnover March doesn't have what it takes to succeed in this league. He's a good 2nd like Adrian McPhearson was behind AC, a reliable QB sneak guy. I don't even have hope they can cross-over West, especially if for god sake Cato is badly hurt. The ennemy D again broke our O line all day and finally hurt our only prospect at QB. This is getting worst and wosrt to watch.

My thoughts after the past two weeks:

Jim Popp should be fired after the season is over and Bob Wetenhall should conduct an exhaustive, professional search for a new GM in the offseason. If Wetenhall can't bring himself to fire Jim Popp, he should sell the team, because in a few years there won't be a franchise left anyway.

Everyone has a best-before date with a given team. Jim Popp has reached his and it's time for us to move on from him. I respect what he accomplished in the past, but he has completely lost the plot of how to build a winning team. What's worse, the owner keeps parachuting him in to try to fix the team midseason when it has become very, very clear that this team not only is not good enough, but is not being run in a professional manner. Dysfunction has become the team's hallmark and the chickens are coming home to roost now.

We need a fresh perspective, a change in how this team is run in the football ops department. We have known ONE GM since the team returned to Montreal, which is amazing but also abnormal. At some point, both the GM and the team need to move on.

To have 11 days to prepare for a must-win game at home and to deliver what we delivered today is absolutely inexcusable. I would fire Popp, hire a new GM, and let him clean house on the coaches too. This thing needs to be burned down and rebuilt.

Exactly! EFF the playoffs! Start the rebuild for the future. Desperately clawing into the playoffs to be "one and done" means nothing.

Impact are doing well and the Habs are doing well, the als will be in trouble if this is the type of team they continue to field.