Toronto at Montreal

Ha! So did I. Brutal game. And I can't believe Toronto is on a 5-game winning streak. Should be the game of the week when Winnipeg goes to Toronto next weekend. Toronto could very well make the comeback to take first. Who would have thought?

2007 Gre Cup Champions.
Like you said Chief who would have thought when they were 2-6 and Pinball almost quit.

Calvillo is done. Why not give Maas a chance? I actually don't know how Cavillo did since I fell asleep but from what I did see, AC wasn't getting it done.

I still say get rid of the OC first. You are never going to get it done is all you ever do is throw 5 yard passes

Yup I agree the game lacked scoring thats for sure but you really need to give the defenses credit. Especially Montreals, they came to play and they gave their team their all.
Toronto has the number 1 defence in the league so to see Montreal struggle on offense was no surprise. Hell you can get on AC all you want but he has no protection. How many times was he pressured during this game and all season, he is shell shocked. I don't care if you put Mass out there the same thing happens. If a QB has no consistant time in the pocket the results are the same.
Give the Argo defense credit because they deserve it and they are the reason the team is where it is. Heck how many TD have they allowed over their last 6 or 7 games? It is not just Montreal that didn't put numbers up on the board against them.

It has appeared to me that in many instances AC has not been given the time to do much more. Sure feel sorry for him, man did he ever get beat up this year. If he wasn't being sacked, he was running for his life. I admire the guy for what he tried to do.