Toronto at Montreal

From what the CBC commentators are saying it must be Toronto playing Toronto. That's all we hear about. Guess that's allowed when you're the center of the universe.


Just got in. 'Bout to turn the game on now.

‘jump his balls’…lol

Man, drummer...that had me laughing my ass off over here...

pretty boring game.

omg....stuffed at the line.

You know the game is a clunker when this Mark Lee statement is the most interesting part of the game:

what ever happened to dave stalla???



alouettes are BRUTAL.

i cant imagine any chance they make it past the 1st playoff round...i dont care if they play hamilton..haha

popp needs to BEG the Don to come back.

Wow. Montreal played horrible.

Als blow! The only game they won in their last 6 was against the Ticats a couple of weeks ago and they probably would have lost that game if it weren't for the brutal officiating that cost Hamilton the game.

als look like the riders from a few years ago
marcel is BRUTAL
Mtl cost me a perfect week. argh

thats what u get for betting against the Argo Defence.

The Als need a new O-line. Their O-line is even more porous than the BC O-line before Murphy and Jiminez. Their D played well, but Calvillo had no protection at all (4 sacks, lots of pressure), plus 3 interceptions (one negated by penalty), and the O-line couldn't open a hole if the Argo D-line laid down and went to sleep...and Calvillo is slowwwwwww....he needs to retire.

Definitely a defensive struggle, but otherwise brutal game from the usual exciting CFL.
Go Argos, the first place finishers in the East.

if you can't get a TD from the five yard line...
that was the TSN turning point...
wasn't so much TO's D as Marcel's brutal O

What a yawner of a game, I actually fell asleep.

I got home with about 4:30 left, I figured they'd give Maas a shot to work some relief magic. Despite what the Hamilton fans will tell you, he has heaved the ball downfield a few times when given an open man.