TORONTO AT MONTREAL- VENDREDI, le 15 septembre 2023 à 19h

Especially given they were in this game and could have been a W.

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Even more so with the possibility of losing out on home playoff game and the extra revenu that goes along with it.

They were lucky that Hamilton and Saskatchewan had such poor starts. At this point in the season both of these teams are better football teams than the Als.

Elks are no longer a pushover either.
RB always seem to play the Als tough too.

Those three teams are getting incredible results from their rookie starting QB’s. I know Some were there last year but its their first opportunity to lead. Dolegala reminds of Calvillo in his first season. They took a loss yesterday but still managed 3TD passes and he spreads the ball around like a four year vet, which tells me he has great vision.


C’est ce que je dis depuis quelques matchs. Fajardo est laissé à lui-même. Hier, il était seul sur le banc à la première demie. Personne pour le soutenir. Ils ont des entraîneurs. Allô! Maas a vraiment la tête dure.

En passant, je me rappelle que lors de son passage à Montréal comme joueur, de mémoire, ce n’était pas l’amour fou entre lui et AC. C’est peut-être la raison pour laquelle il n’est pas sur le terrain.

If memory serves, it was in 2007 that we acquired a broken-down Maas because AC had stepped away midseason to deal with throat cancer. Maas did squat during his limited time in Montreal, his playing days were clearly done. I don’t recall hearing about any animosity between the two of them, though.

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A QB has to earn the respect and support of his teammates. For whatever reason Cody has not been able to achieve this.

As for AC, he built this team. He really did. Bob Senior financed it and Popp managed it but AC built it, even Maciocia owes his career to AC.

AC applied for the HC job and I believe was given a fake interview an now he has to play second fiddle to a guy who showed up in Montreal and made it very clear he wanted no part of this city, team or responsibility! To the extent that Popp had to promise him he would release him the day the season ended. The very minute he could leave town he got on a plane, didn’t say goodbye to anyone and went back to Alberta to kill deer.

He is a fish out of water and you can just look at him with the media or on the sideline to see how uncomfortable he is. I can’t blame AC for letting him suffocate on the boat deck. Not suggesting AC should have been chosen as the HC but human beings are human beings.


“Voraciously racist french media…”
Do you have any examples of the french media (including PKP’s own media) being racist?
I know the media can be pro francophone, but that is not being racist.

He’s not a good QB. That’s the reason. Hard to respect a guy when he acts like a high school player running around in the pocket like a chicken with his head cut off, running backwards, not putting in the work to become better at the pro game (pre-snap reads), turning the ball over at crucial times, and now not even being able to connect on any throw longer than 15 feet with any consistency.


He also took some bad hits last night. You could see him favouring his shoulder a few times when he got up off the turf. If Maas has any sense of self-preservation, he will use Cody being banged up as an excuse to sit him and start Evans next game.

N’importe quoi!

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What’s most concerning is that the Oline, QB, RBs, kicking game have all declined since the beginning of the season, yet their does not seem to be any sense sense of urgency. It’s like Danny & co expected them to lose these last 4 games…just shrugging their shoulders and saying “oh well”.
Meanwhile Hamilton now has the same record.

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If they WANTED AC talking to the QBs they could just don headsets as soon as they come off … they don’t go near headsets so Maas must not want AC talking to them.

My concern in potentially over-evaluating the defence base don last night’s game is that TO’s OL changed significantly when LT Cage left the game.

I agree. It’s very odd and concerning. The QBs are essentially left to themselves through the game. It’s possible AC is talking to Cody on the headset before the play but I doubt it, since Maas is the one calling the plays.

i would like Milanovich or Marc Trestman as Hc

Trestman is too old now. Milanovich is likely going to be entrenched in HAM given how he’s helped them turn their offence around.

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Orlando probably gonna stay though so he could be available

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