Another interesting game coming. I am not saying that they will win, but I expect the Alouettes to be quite competitive. A loss and heads -players- could “roll”.



It’s Friday, July 14,2023. SORRY! YOU’RE FIRED!


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I don’t think we’ll win this game, but I’m not going to be doom and gloom about the season. In the end, I think we’l be a .500 team this year, and if that turns out to be correct, it will be a miracle given what we went through this offseason.

The number 1 thing I want to see this game, regardless of result, is a reduction in sacks. Cody cannot keep taking this kind of punishment every game. Holding Toronto to 2 or fewer sacks would be a win in my book.


5 jours entre deux parties, au football professionnel c’est très peu, mais c’est la réalité d’une ligue à 9 clubs. Pour le 14/07, mes attentes c’est de voir un club fier, que les joueurs s’impliquent à 100% avec un plan de match et une exécution de qualité contre un club qui leur est supérieur, avec un calendrier qui défavorise cette semaine les Alouettes.

Il est important que l’on constate une amélioration sur le dernier match au niveau des trois (3) unités et non la régression qui continue.

Go Als.

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The thing for me is that the defense and special teams have been great this year for the most part, even though both weren’t great last game. The offense has only really been effective for one game out of four. So the onus IMO is on the offense. We’re getting close to the 6-game mark. After six games, let’s hope we can point to an offense that is firing on all cylinders. But if we reach the 6-game mark and the offense is doing the same thing it’s been doing since week 1, it will not bode well for the rest of the season.

In hindsight, I think Maas should have left the offensive playcalling to Calvillo.

Nous avons été bon contre des équipes en désarroi. Nous n’avons pas été bons contre de bonnes équipes. Toronto est une bonne équipe.

J’aimerais qu’on compare le travail de notre DG avec celui de Pinball Clemons. Le nôtre a pris une équipe ordinaire en progression, qui a progressé à sa première année et qui a régressé par la suite. Clemons a pris une équipe qui en arrachait et en a fait une équipe championne dans le même laps de temps, alors qu’il en était à ses débuts comme DG. Clemons a su amener des gens solides, des joueurs solides et ils ont monté une bonne équipe. Le reste de la saison nous dira si c’est une équipe d’élite ou pas, mais c’est une bonne équipe. Pourquoi devrions-nous nous satisfaire de moins?

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I would have hired AC as head coach. Paul Lapo as his OC.

Head coach would have been too much for Anthony, I think. I’m fine with him being OC and QB coach. I just wish that Maas let him call the plays and that he was on the sidelines, not in the spotter’s booth.

I also wonder to what extent AC was involved in playbook design during the offseason. Did Maas just present him with a finished playbook? Did he have input?

To be fair to Maas, there are things we are doing well this season. We’re throwing for more yardage and testing the deep parts of the field more frequently. Hopefully it all comes together in the next few games.

Like I said above, not expecting a win this week, but I don’t want to see Cody get pounded for 4-6 sacks again. That has to stop. At this rate, he’s not going to last the year with the beating he’s taking.


And JM had given zero reps to his backups.

Also, if CF does get pounded, i expect Danny to make some changes.

It’ll be tough. Toronto is a strong team that’s had a lot of rest already and the Als have a short week. Best of luck to the Als.

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While we want player changes, and may want them even more after the Argos game, where do the replacements come from? CFL GMs have admitted recruiting is much tougher with the existence of the XFL and USFL.

Shawn Lemon? Mind you he couldn’t be worse than Usher.


Agreed that it is difficult to make changes/find new players at this time; this being said, I would give a chance to rookie A DE Kevin Bennett on practice roster. Rather go with a young and promising player than a player such as Shawn Lemon. Both can’t be worse than Nick Usher.



Hand-in-hand with that could well be some improvement in the running game … doesn’t need to be great but not the current feast or famine results as seems to be the case at the moment.


Un article très intéressant dans 3DownNation , sur une entrevue avec Jason Maas:

« We ´ve got to look at everything ». Montréal Alouettes on place to allow 99 sacks in 2023 ».

Tout est sur la table, des actions immédiates s’imposent, à suivre…

Interesting. Sask gave up 77 sacks…JM was the OC.

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It’s as if he couldn’t get him killed in Sask. so wants to finish the job here. :grinning:

Didn’t Maas say the same “we have to look at everything” after the Winnipeg game when he was irritated with the sacks question?

I forgot that there is a bye after the Argos game, so if there any possible changes that will likely be the time.

Anyone have Vince Martino’s phone no.? :grinning:

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Really starting to wonder how much of the problem is the scheme/system … it seems strange for “communication problems” to continue so long without improvement unless the communication required is too complex.

I mentioned him before. Don’t know how old he is now…but he was good!

He certainly was; best O-line coach I believe the Als ever had.