Toronto at Montreal - August 8, 2013

Holy smokin' jaysus..........I called TO for this one but had no idea they would be leading by 21 to zip at the end of the 1rst. Mind you, they owe a big thanks to Montreal who have turned the ball over 3 times so far with the Argos capitalizing on two of them. :rockin:

Coming up on the 3-minute warning - the Argos ahead 28 to zip - last TD came off the 4th Montreal TO. Yikes! And Chad Owens just returned a punt all the way to the end zone for his second of the game but an illegal block will bring the ball back.

Zach Collaros in the game now. #85 - Steele is filling in very well for Chad Kackert - having himself a great game so far. Zach gets them close enough for Noel FG from the 42 then Montreal manages to get w/in 48 yards of the goal for a successful Sean Whyte FG to give the team 3 points. 31 to 3 for the Argos going into half-time. :rockin: :rockin:

:rockin: Great win for the Boatmen who improve to 4 and 2. :rockin:

The Als would give up the ball a total of 7 times tonight. Tony looked old tonight. Methinks that Popp really has his work cut out for him.