Toronto at Montreal-August 11,2017

As I wrote, the next 2 games against the Argos will be crucial/important; the Als have to win at least 1 of these 2 games.

The injury to Nat. S Chris Ackie won't help; the Nat. talent/depth is quite low/almost non- existent on the Als roster .

Looking at other teams practice roster there is no Nat. S available. Looking at the past CFL transactions, there are 2 players that the Als could invite/sign; they are:

Nat. LB Nehemie Kankolongo. Recently released by Winnipeg. Played with Sask. and BC in 2015 and 2016.

Nat. DB/LB Joshua Brinkworth. Recently released by Ottawa. Played a few games with the Als in 2015-1- and 2 in 2016.


IMO the key is Ray Drew. If he is playing regularly, the Als have a shot at applying pressure and disrupting the Argos' offence. Otherwise, I fear that Ray or Fajardo is going to shred our defence.

Without Chris Ackie, the Als now have exactly 21 Nat. players on the active roster. Hopefully, Termansen has recovered from his injury and is available for Week 8.

Justin Dunk says Ackie tore a tricep tendon and is out for the year.

Als used 3 non-imports on defense. Ackie switched between Safety and WILL Linebacker which allowed greater ratio flexibility.

Dave Naylor says Argo QB Ricky Ray is out for 4-6 weeks.

Cody Fajardo is going to take over the job and not look back.

Of course people who drive over a cliff rarely look back either.

We moved up the standings in the by week ! LOL

Right on! As long as the other three Eastern teams keep losing, we don't have to win many games except against the Easter teams.

And this will be the saving grace for the Als over the next two games.

Watched the end of that game. Fajardo has a Michael Bishop arm, those db's better be ready as the Argos have a few homerun hitters on the team. I hope they don't take him lightly. Anyone going to the game and wants to buy me a beer hit me up :wink:

Fajardo is going to be a great QB in this league. I just hope it takes him more than two games to figure Trestman's offense out :slight_smile:

We moved up the standings in the by week ! LOL

Right on! As long as the other three Eastern teams keep losing, we don't have to win many games except against the Easter teams.

Pretty pathetic, isn't it? The East is a race to the bottom!

Here's a fun fact.

Montreal is the only team to have won at least 1 game against a Western team 8)

Since the WPeg game all should recognize that we have a solid team and, can expect a win in this upcoming game, Too bad about Ray, I'm hoping that the season is not lost for him. I do hope that the team takes advantage of the time off and, that the coaches have used this time to re-order their thoughts, especially on the defensive side and, they should prepare for for all that Trestman, and company will throw at them. They were certainly out foxed by WPeg's unusual squib kick and, must prepare to avoid another such surprise play. .

It is too bad the team can't take a few more weeks off.

Als also lead Eastern teams last year with the most wins (4) against the West.

-Matthew Scianitti posted that Ricky Ray is the QB today during Argo walkthroughs. Ray underwent an MRI and is feeling better. Decision on whether Ray plays will be made after the team sees him practice in the upcoming days. Scianitti says Cody Fajardo might get some reps at practice. Might???

I guess they are playing mind games, since the season is young and his shoulder was sore why rush him. I doubt he plays Friday, next week is different story

Unless there are injuries to the Nat. OL -Philip Blake?- I wonder why have the Als signed Nat. OL Chris Greaves-30 years old-. 2014 was last season he played.


I do read on RDS that Philippe Gagnon is replacing Philip Blake, who is injured.